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Using Plots for Data Monitoring

With AmmonitOR you can conveniently display measurement data in plots and charts for quality checks. You can generate for example histograms, wind roses as well as correlation profiles, shadow zone plots or turbulence intensity profiles. For each plot you can select a specific period, which should be monitored.

XY Plot
ammonitor xy-plot globalirradiance

In order to display the trend of measurement values of one or more sensors over a specific period, you can generate an XY plot, e.g., to display the trend of global solar irradiance or the temperature. Recurring occurrences and trends become visible. Measurement values of the sensor of the same type can be compared.




ammonitor plot correlation

Use the correlation profile to conveniently collate measurement values of a sensor type over a specific period. All measured values are displayed in a data cluster. Measurement values, which are far beyond the data cluster, can indicate measurement errors or faulty sensors. Additionally, AmmonitOR calculates a regression line, which displays the trend.


Shadow Zone Plot
ammonitor shadowzone

The shadow zone plot is used to display shadows caused by the mast and the lightning protection. In order to display the shadow zone plot, AmmonitOR compares three values: wind direction measured by top wind vane and wind speed measured by top and backup anemometer.



Overlay Graph
ammonitor plot overlay-graph

The overlay graph is used to display recurring occurrences. AmmonitOR displays the daily graphs of a sensor in one plot, e.g., temperature sensor or pyranometer. If a daily graph deviates from the standard value, it can indicate a measurement error or faulty sensor.



Turbulence Intensity
ammonitor turbulenceintensity

The turbulence intensity displays the behaviour of the wind. The value is important when considering the setup of a wind turbine, e.g., to prevent damages on the wind turbine due to bending load on rotor blades.

AmmonitOR offers five options to display the turbulence intensity:

  • depending on height
  • depending on time
  • depending on wind speed displayed in a cluster diagram
  • depending on wind speed according to wind speed classes
  • depending on wind direction
Long-term Comparison Profile
ammonitor longtermprofile

The long-term comparison profile is used to detect wear of the top anemometer by monitoring the backup anemometer. Deviations can be detected at an early stage. For the long term comparison profile AmmonitOR collates the measurement values of both anemometers over a specific period. If the measurement values deviate, wear could be a possible reason.



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