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Conveniently generate reports of your measurement campaigns

Use the report feature of AmmonitOR to document your measurement campaign in automatically generated PDF files. AmmonitOR reports summarise all important data of your project in one PDF file.

Download Example of AmmonitOR Weekly Compact Report
Download Example of AmmonitOR Monthly Standard Report

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AmmonitOR reports: All details at one glance
  • Project information

  • Details about installed data loggers

  • Meteorological sensors, power meters (power measuring units) and configurations

  • Details about the online availability and the communication behaviour of the data logger (Connection Log)

  • Information about power supply

  • Plots with measurement data, e.g., wind speed, global irradiation, power curve, temperature, air pressure, and turbulence intensity

AmmonitOR offers four types of reports: compact, standard, detailed for site assessment and one special report for power curve measurement. According to the configuration, reports summarize weekly or monthly data. AmmonitOR automatically sends the reports via email to the registered users. All reports are archived and can be downloaded.

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