Dynamic Line Monitoring

18. August 2020 | Dynamic Line Monitoring
Dynamic Line Monitoring
Dynamic Line Monitoring is a technology to increase the transmission capacity by up to 50% of the nominal power. It can possibly help avoid building new routes.

The transmission capacity is limited by the maximum operating temperature of the conductor cable. Main influencing factors are

  • the current flow in the conductor and
  • the environmental climatic conditions.

Therefore, measurement stations are to be installed in order to collect meteorological information.

Ammonit offers the whole equipment for dynamic line monitoring which consists of

  • steel cabinet with data logger,
  • communication system (modem),
  • solar charge controller,
  • batteries and electric wiring together with
  • sensors in different heights and
  • solar modules for power supply.

A strong advantage of Ammonit in this project is AmmonitOR – our monitoring platform offering a high cybersecurity standard from everywhere and around the clock. AmmonitOR allows the data transfer via REST API. To give you an example: Our customer windPRO is using REST API to pick up its measurement data from AmmonitOR.

Are you interested in further information on Dynamic Line Monitoring? Please contact us: sales@ammonit.com