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Ecofys WTTS and Ammonit team up for enhanced wind measurements

Ecofys WTTS has upgraded its 120m met mast with advanced temperature gradient sensors, bringing LiDAR & SoDAR validation measurements to the next level...


Joint press release by Ecofys WTTS and Ammonit

Ecofys WTTS and Ammonit team up for enhanced wind measurements

Utrecht/Lelystad (Niederlande)/Berlin, 17 March 2015. Ecofys WTTS has upgraded its 120m met mast with advanced temperature gradient sensors, bringing LiDAR & SoDAR validation measurements to the next level. Validation measurements provide insight to the atmospheric stability and can greatly increase certainty in remote sensing wind measurement studies and improve the bankability of future wind energy projects.

In close collaboration with Ammonit Measurements GmbH based in Germany, the met mast was upgraded with six temperature sensors and a 3D sonic anemometer. The aim is to provide advanced insights into the vertical temperature profile, which affects the atmospheric stability of the wind under consideration, and its specific impact on the accuracy of remote sensing devices. Measuring the temperature gradient is also part of the RealMe research project, with funding from the German Ministry of Environment.

LiDAR and SoDAR are Remote Sensing techniques that measure wind speed from a ground based instrument without the need for a measurement mast. For a couple of years Ecofys WTTS has been testing the accuracy of these techniques with its highest purpose-built met mast (120m) at the Ecofys WTTS test site in Lelystad in the Netherlands. To date, around 50 remote sensing machines have been successfully tested using this mast.

Understanding atmospheric stability becomes increasingly important as wind turbines reach greater heights and more complex sites are being considered for wind energy. Having insight into the atmospheric stability can greatly reduce the uncertainty in remote sensing wind measurement studies, thereby improving the bankability of future wind energy projects.

Continuous innovation, collaboration, and knowledge development are key factors for Ammonit and Ecofys WTTS to remain at the forefront of wind measurement technology. By improving measurements of temperature gradients, Ecofys WTTS paves the way towards Remote Sensing classification services, on top of the existing validation and verification services it currently offers to manufacturers and owners.

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Source: Ecofys WTTS

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