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July issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

In the July issue we focus on our online platform AmmonitOR, which has been update to release 3.4.1. Now you can integrate your ZephIR 300 wind lidar in your AmmonitOR campaign. We offer bimonthly reports and we enhanced the week's review. Read more.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-07


Dear Reader,

Do you monitor measurement campaigns with AmmonitOR, or do you still spend your time looking through data line by line? AmmonitOR significantly helps saving time and money for data monitoring. You easily check data completeness and plausibility. AmmonitOR sends campaign reports, informs about any discrepancies and helps holding maintenance costs down. More arguments for AmmonitOR? Have a look at our example projects on

We recently upgraded our AmmonitOR platform. Did you already experience the new release? We enhanced AmmonitOR to work even more efficient when it comes to daily or weekly checks of the measurement station or campaign documentation. Did you notice that we cooperate with the LiDAR manufacturer Zephir Ltd.? In the new release, you can also monitor measurement data gathered by ZephIR LiDAR devices. Read more about our new features below.



The most important project data at a glance. That's the Week's review in AmmonitOR - evaluations, supply data and communication behaviour. Everything for a quick system check!

Since this overview is very popular among the AmmonitOR users, we enhanced this feature. In the new release, you can display the Week's review over:

  • the last 7 days

  • the last 14 days

  • the last 3 weeks

  • the last 4 weeks

Click on a period, which you want to monitor, AmmonitOR immediately displays the values. You quickly detect trends and deviations in measurement series and missing data!

Discover also the Timeline to monitor all events in your project, e.g., data uploads, changes in the configuration or logbook entries. To inspect events at a chosen period, you conveniently move an interactive time frame. AmmonitOR displays all events on the selected days. All project actions summarized on an interactive timeline - at a glance.



Documentation takes time is a general proposition. By using AmmonitOR you can disprove this! You only choose extent and period of the PDF report. AmmonitOR does the rest. Once configured, you receive the PDF reports regularly by email without any additional action - ready for printing. Documentation has never been easier!

In the reports, AmmonitOR summarizes project data and evaluations on a weekly or monthly basis. We added a new period for your reports: Bimonthly. Thus you can configure to receive campaign reports twice a month: one report summarizing the first half of the month and a second for the second half. According to your setting, you can receive a compact, standard or detailed bimonthly report. Save documentation time with AmmonitOR reports!



AmmonitOR offers the option to upload CSV files manually. Uploading is a quite straight process. However, AmmonitOR does a lot more than only saving uploaded CSV files. Thus we made the actions performed in parallel to the upload visible for you. Before a CSV file is imported, AmmonitOR performs a detailed validity check.

Only CSV files created by Ammonit Meteo-40 and Meteo-32 data loggers as well as ZephIR LiDAR and AQ510 SoDAR devices can be processed. AmmonitOR verifies a number of file attributes before importing the file.

AmmonitOR displays the progress of each import file. You know what is going on. And you immediately know, when you can start working with the data. Do not waste your time with waiting for data processing!



Do you already work with ZephIR wind lidars in your measurement projects? In the new AmmonitOR version, you can monitor measurement data gathered by ZephIR 300 wind lidars. Just add the ZephIR 300 wind lidar to your project and upload its averaged CSV files to the AmmonitOR FTP server.

You can easily combine different measurement methods: a met mast with remote sensing devices. All AmmonitOR features are available for ZephIR wind lidar monitoring, including charts and diagrams, filters, alerts and reports. AmmonitOR displays all measurement heights configured for the ZephIR 300 wind lidar. Further data can be displayed, if available, e.g., coordinates of the site. AmmonitOR is your hub for effective and time-saving campaign management.


There are only a few requirements, before you can start benefiting from AmmonitOR's features:

  • Select an Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger for your measurement project.

  • Configure your Meteo-40 data logger to upload data to your AmmonitOR account.

  • Or perform a measurement project with your ZephIR 300 wind lidar and upload the CSV files to the AmmonitOR FTP server.

We continuously work on improving AmmonitOR to make your measurement campaign as convenient as possible. Our monitoring platform is designed in close cooperation with our customers. We look forward to listen to your comments. Let us know your wishes and ideas for new features.

For further information refer to our AmmonitOR user manual on our website. For any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Ammonit Measurement GmbH



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