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May Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

In this issue you can read about power curve measurement and how you can monitor your power curve measurement campaign in AmmonitOR.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-05

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Dear Reader,

Site assessment is done. The wind farm is set up and running. Successfully running? Did you check all data? Read this newsletter to learn how you can benefit using AmmonitOR in your Power Curve Measurement project.


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Visual data checks are much more convenient than comparing numbers. You can easily display curves and diagrams for data inspection and comparisons with wind turbine data in AmmonitOR. All calculations are based on the IEC 61400-12-1, e.g.:

  • Energy yield → Calculated energy yield of your wind turbine. Optionally, you can add a reference turbine to the plot for comparisons.

  • Estimated energy yield → Calculated predicted annual energy yield based on wind speed and power curve data. Optionally, you can add the operational range of your wind turbine to get extrapolated values or add a reference turbine for comparisons.

  • Power curve → Displays the power curve of your wind turbine and optionally its power coefficient acc. to wind speed bins given in IEC 61400-12-1.

  • Wind power density → Calculated wind power density for your site.

You miss numbers? AmmonitOR lists the calculated data in a table below each plot. Or download the plots for documentation as PDF file.


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Project documentation can be very time-consuming. By using AmmonitOR, you can get automatically generated weekly and monthly PDF reports. Our reports summarize the most important data of your project in a PDF file - ready for archiving. Receive your reports via email or download the files via your account. Our reports for power curve measurement project include, e.g.:

  • Calms analysis

  • Power curve

  • Site-specific energy yield

  • Energy yield forecast

  • Wind power density

AmmonitOR reports include system and project details, time variation overviews as well as overlay graphs and diurnal profiles. All you need for documentation!


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Do you want to compare your measurement data with data from other wind turbines? Build your own wind turbine library including power curve data and related technical details to perform various calculations in AmmonitOR, i.e.:

  • Energy yield

  • Estimated energy yield

  • Power curve

You can use all entered wind turbines in your projects. A number of example wind turbines are already available in AmmonitOR.


There are only two requirements, before you can start benefiting from AmmonitOR's features:

  • Perform a power curve measurement campaign using Meteo-40 and a compatible power measuring device.

  • Configure your Meteo-40 data logger to upload data to your AmmonitOR account.

We continuously work on improving AmmonitOR to make your measurement campaign as convenient as possible. Our monitoring platform is designed in close cooperation with our customers. We look forward to listen to your comments on AmmonitOR. Let us know your wishes and ideas for new features.

For further information regarding AmmonitOR, please refer to our AmmonitOR user manual on For any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Ammonit Measurement GmbH



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