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April Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn in this issue how you can benefit from installed outdoor cameras in your measurement campaign. You can easily verify discrepancies in the measurement values by checking the photos taken from a sensor.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-04

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Dear Reader,

It's Springtime in Berlin. Vitalized by sunshine and fresh air we developed new features for efficient and convenient measurement campaigns. Read our newsletter to learn more about our latest developments.

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Monitoring photos can be very useful to double-check discrepancies in the measurement data. If you have an outdoor camera installed on your measurement system, you can configure your Meteo-40 data logger to upload photos to your AmmonitOR account. AmmonitOR automatically lists all photos in a calendar view.

Measurement and system data, as well as recorded photos at a glance in AmmonitOR.

Additionally, you can easily upload photos with cardinal points or any other photo, e.g., the environment of your measurement system. Refer to the Meteo-40 and AmmonitOR user manual on for configuration.


When wind conditions are measured in cold climate regions, it is crucial to constantly monitor measurement data as icing can be a serious problem. In addition to a well-designed met mast set-up and a smart heating control system, we recommend installing outdoor cameras. Thus you can effectively verify measurement data with pictures.

Photos taken parallel to the recording of measurement data can be used for campaign documentation. Meteo-40 can be configured to upload all photos to AmmonitOR to summarize the measurement campaign at one place.

Please find further details in the datasheet of your Outdoor Security Camera on

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Are you monitoring your measurement system with Meteo-40 data logger online in AmmonitOR? Now you can also monitor your AQ510 SoDAR and ZephIR 300 LiDAR system in AmmonitOR.

You can conveniently monitor measurement values and power supply of your remote sensing device. In order to detect discrepancies in the measurement or low voltage, you can easily configure filters and alert messages. If a filter triggers, you will be informed by AmmonitOR via email.

Shortly we are going to implement further features remote sensing devices in AmmonitOR, e.g., automatic data tranfer from the remote device to AmmonitOR. Don't miss it!


Have you ever texted your Meteo-40? Sending text messages can be very efficient, when it comes to maintenance in the field.

Configuring the data logger to go online immediately. Turning on or off switches. Getting current status data from your Meteo-40. All this just by sending an SMS? Yes, send a command via SMS to your Meteo-40, it replies with the requested information or performs the requested action.

In order to use SMS, you require a PHS8-P modem and Meteo-40 firmware version 1.2 (2014-09-08) or later. The data sheet for PHS8-P and the Meteo-40 manual can be downloaded from

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Wind and solar resource assessments are often performed in remote regions. Sometimes not even mobile communication networks are available. For those cases, we offer a satellite communication solution with BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) satellite terminals. BGAN offers global coverage via the Inmarsat satellite network.

The satellite terminal can easily be connected via Ethernet to your Meteo-40 data logger. Additionally, you can configure Meteo-40 to supply the satellite terminal via its switches to save power in remote regions. The satellite terminal is configured in another way than GSM modems. For further details refer to the Meteo-40 manual on and ask for available data packages.

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