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August issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn in this bulletin more about the available Ethernet connections of Meteo-40 and which one is recommended for certain situations.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-08

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The temperatures are high in Berlin. The sun is shining down from a bright blue sky. We experience one record temperature after the other in Germany. It's time for some refreshment. Learn more about our cool tips for laid-back working during Europe's summer holidays.


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Did you know that you need neither additional software nor an internet connection to configure or just access the web interface of your Meteo-40 data logger? A standard Ethernet cable is sufficient./p>

By setting the Link-local option in the Meteo-40 display, you only need to connect your PC and Meteo-40 via Ethernet cable. No additional software has to be installed, no internet connection is necessary. Just enter the IP address (it always starts with https://169.254...), which is shown in the Meteo-40 display, in your browser. That's it!

The Link-local option is also very convenient when it comes to maintenance in the field. Set the option on the data logger and connect your computer and data logger with an Ethernet cable. You can conveniently sit in the sun for maintenance services - about 10, 20 or even 100m away from the met mast :)

And this is the way how to do it:



Short guide to use the Link-local option of your Meteo-40

Connect your computer and Meteo-40 with a standard Ethernet cable.

Go to the Communication → Devices → LAN → Ethernet menu in the Meteo-40 display using the keys next to the display. Move to Method and press the right button on the Meteo-40 keyboard until Link-local is displayed.>

Go to the IP/Netmask menu and look up the IP address(169.254....) of the data logger.

Enter the IP address of your Meteo-40 data logger in your browser starting with https://. Accept the security certificate and enter your login details.

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Another even more convenient method to connect to Meteo-40 via Ethernet, is your local network (LAN). Just connect the data logger to the same LAN, to which your computer is also connected. The LAN can be your office network or just a router with a few LAN lines.

By using this method, you even do not have to configure the Meteo-40 via its display. You only require its IP address. Enter the IP address as follows in your browser:

However, we recommend using the LAN connection for configuration in the office and laboratory use. For field work, the Link-local option is unbeatable.

Your options for Ethernet connections:

  • DHCP for local networks and when the Ammonit tunnel is used,

  • Fixed IP when you assigned a selected IP address to your data logger in the office

  • Link-local.


Are you getting tired of looking up IP addresses of our Meteo-40 data loggers? We have the solution: Bonjour Print Services. By installing the Apple's Bonjour Print Services you only need the serial number of your Meteo-40 to access its web interface. Just enter https://Dxxxxx.local in your browser to get the login page of your Meteo-40. Isn't it a cool tip?

Download the Bonjour Print Services on: Read further details in the Meteo-40 user manual on

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ammonit fixed-ip web

Meteo-40 is designed to work cost-efficiently with SIM cards with dynamic IP address. Via the Ammonit tunnel server you can reach your data logger just by entering its serial number in your browser, e.g., The tunnel server manages IP addresses and subdomains.

If you want to assign or have a dedicated IP address for your Meteo-40, you can easily configure a fixed IP address in the Meteo-40 web interface. See below.


Short guide to configure a Fixed IP in the Meteo-40 web interface

You want to use a SIM card with static IP in your modem

Go to the Meteo-40 web interface and open the menu Communication → Modem. Enter the details, which you received from your provider.
Note: The Provider helper is only designed for standard SIM cards with dynamic IP address.

ammonit fixed-ip-modem web

You want to assign a dedicated IP address to a Meteo-40 in your local network

Go to the Meteo-40 web interface and open the menu Communication → LAN. Select Fixed IP in the dropdown list and enter the IP address details.
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In order to continuously improve our products and solution, we invite you to discuss new features for our Meteo-40 data logger and our monitoring platform AmmonitOR with us. We look forward to your comments.

For further information on our products and solutions, refer to our website For any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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