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Successful first IEC classification test for SoDAR AQ510 Wind Finder

SoDAR AQ510 Wind Finder achieved a major milestone towards full IEC compliance by performing the first IEC classification. AQ510 Wind Finder is the only SoDAR on the market with a first well-done sensitivity analysis. The classification results are very promising.


Berlin, 14 September 2015

Successful first IEC classification test for SoDAR AQ510 Wind Finder

AQ System Stockholm AB, cooperation partner of Ammonit Measurement GmbH in the field of remote sensing, successfully performed a first sensitivity analysis for IEC compliance (CD IEC 61400-12-1, Ed. 2, Annex L). DNV GL performed the complex sensitivity analysis against a 103m IEC-compliant met mast. AQ510 Wind Finder achieved the final IEC accuracy class 2-4 at 80 and 100m height. According to DNV GL the classification results are reasonable and broadly within the range of other classification tested remote sensing devices, e.g., LiDAR. So far AQ510 Wind Finder has been the only SoDAR device with a first IEC-compliant classification.

Vincent Camier, Managing Director of Ammonit Measurement GmbH, is very satisfied with the achieved classification: “Ammonit has been focussing on accurate measurement instruments ever since. The measurement accuracy of the AQ510 wind finder has been promising, when we added the SoDAR to our portfolio last year. The IEC classification and a number of verifications confirm our positive decision for the AQ510. However, the SoDAR complements our product portfolio and also the market for wind measurement systems. With the AQ510 we can offer a cost-efficient and reliable option for remote sensing devices.”

The IEC 61400-12-1 is currently under revision with the aim to include guidance for using remote sensing devices in power performance assessments. Annex L of the CD IEC 61400-12-1 (2nd Ed.) describes in detail that an IEC classification has to be performed before remote sensing devices can be used in wind site assessments. The classification includes testing of the sensitivity of the accuracy of the device to variations in environmental variables. Additionally, AQ System verifies each AQ510 Wind Finder against its 103m IEC-compliant met mast in Fimmerstad, Sweden. The verification tests indicate also the low production tolerance guaranteeing great unit-to-unit conformity.

Prior to the IEC classification, leading wind consultants including BBB Umwelttechnik, DNV GL and Ecofys performed a number of validation tests of the AQ 510 Wind Finder. The results of all validation tests have been excellent and confirmed the measurement accuracy of the SoDAR.

About Ammonit Measurement GmbH
Ammonit offers high quality measurement equipment for the wind and solar industry. As a wind energy pioneer, Ammonit has been playing a leading role in the global wind measurement sector since 1989. Ammonit measurement systems are designed for wind and solar resource assessment, wind farm and solar power plant monitoring, as well as power curve measurement and climate research. The product portfolio includes data loggers, meteorological sensors, SoDAR and LiDAR devices, as well as communication and power supply systems. Additionally, Ammonit developed AmmonitOR, a web platform to monitor measurement campaigns in accordance with the MEASNET guideline. Ammonit cooperates with partners in most countries of the world to provide full service packages for successful measurement campaigns.

About AQ System
AQ System was established in 1989. The goal has since been to develop commercial applications for the new technologies based on remote sensing techniques. An ongoing effort to refine and improve the SoDAR technique has since enabled the company to offer the most advanced and versatile SoDAR systems available on the market. AQ510 wind finder has a unique acoustic horn system with a parabolic dish design that optimises the output power according to the atmospheric conditions. The AQ510 wind finder is based on more than 40 years of experience. The people behind AQ System have been working with the SoDAR technique since 1969 when they started to develop measuring equipment for airports. They successfully launched the first acoustic remote sensing system in Europe through the Swedish National Defence & Research Institute (FOA).
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