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OCtober Issue of Ammont Bulletin published

The current issue of our bulletin describes tips for efficient and smooth measurement campaigns - focusing on the winter check-up for met stations in the northern hemisphere.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-10

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Dear Reader,

It's Autumn in Germany and the temperatures are falling. In the northern hemisphere the countdown for checking the measurement system for the winter period has started. What about your system: Power supply running smoothly, heating manager configured?

Read our news to benefit from our tips for efficient and smooth measurement campaigns throughout all seasons of the year. If you have special requirements for your project, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !


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Got stuck while configuring your Meteo-40 data logger or AmmonitOR? Click on Help in the upper right corner of the web interface. Our online help is context-sensitive, i.e., content related to the selected menu item is shown. For example: You want to give another person restricted access to a Meteo-40 data logger or an AmmonitOR project. The online help explains the different user roles and their rights.

In addition to the menu-related help, you can read, e.g., about the CSV file format used to generate the statistics, and how you can encrypt and decrypt data from the Meteo-40 data logger or AmmonitOR.

You can even find connection plans, electrical specifications for common sensors and revision notes. Have a look at the table of contents to find out more.


Your Meteo-40 data logger is not transferring data properly, although you have checked the used hardware and the configuration? Maybe your mobile service provider or your firewall restrict the communication of mobile devices using certain ports.

Meteo-40 might also be affected. There are different incidents, e.g., the tunnel connection does not work, but Rx/Tx traffic is possible or the tunnel is accessible, but sending emails does not work. Blocked ports by the communication service provider, the firewall or broken DNS are possible reasons.

Start the connectivity test of Meteo-40 to check out the reachability of the Ammonit tunnel server via port 4040 and the AmmonitOR server via port 4041. Read our manual how to use the connectivity test. If the ports are blocked, contact your mobile service provider or network administrator to find a solution.

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In one of our last bulletins we informed about the Link-local option of Meteo-40. Since there has been great interest in this feature, we again focus on Link-local.

Let's take an example to show you the benefits of Link-local: Your met mast is in the middle of nowhere and it is freezing cold outside. Not a good time for climbing up the mast and doing maintenance on the data logger with clumsy fingers. After setting the Link-local option in the Meteo-40 display, you only connect your PC and Meteo-40 via Ethernet cable. No additional software has to be installed, no internet connection is necessary. Just enter the IP address (it always starts with https://169.254...), which is shown in the Meteo-40 display, in your browser. That's it!

Let us know when you use the Link-local option!


How much time do you spend on writing reports? Too much. AmmonitOR can be your time-saving option when it comes to writing reports on measurement projects. Once configured AmmonitOR automatically generates weekly or monthly reports - compact or detailed. Printable PDF files for your documentation.

You can have reports on wind and solar resource assessment campaigns, power plant monitoring, as well as on power curve measurement projects. AmmonitOR sends the PDF report directly to your email inbox or uploads the file to your server. However, you can also download the report from AmmonitOR.

AmmonitOR PDF reports summarize each project data logger by data logger showing relevant time variation charts as well as important evaluations for the report period. You can easily review the data completeness and the communication behaviour of your Meteo-40 data logger. Start your AmmonitOR project today and benefit from automatic report generation.

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What are the reasons for the discrepancy in the measurement data of the top and backup cup anemometer? Why is the battery voltage so low? While checking the measurement data, a number of questions arise. The design of the measurement system as well as a proper monitoring can help to answer your questions.

We recommend using our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR to evaluate measurement data. You can easily correlate the measurements of your wind vanes. Additionally, you can install an outdoor camera to visualize the behaviour of a sensor, e.g., slow down due to icing. You can also view the photos taken by the camera in AmmonitOR.

When you want to be 100% sure. Do not only rely on figures, photos can tremendously help interpreting values. In AmmonitOR you have both: measurement data and photos.


For further information on Ammonit products and solutions, refer to our website or contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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