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Mar/APR Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

This issue informs about BGAN satellite communication and highlights some tips for cost-efficient data transfer via satellite.


Ammonit Bulletin 2016-03/04

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Dear Reader,

How do I get the valuable data from my measurement station in the middle of nowhere? What happens, if no stable GSM connection is available? We recommend setting up a BGAN satellite connection. Why? Read our bulletin to learn more about the convenient way of satellite communication using BGAN services.

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In very remote locations you often do not have other communication option available than satellite. But satellite communication is known to be less reliable than terrestrial communication and it should be very expensive. We want to disprove this myth.

We offer BGAN satellite communication packages, which have proved to be reliable in a large number of projects worldwide, e.g., in Brazil and South Asia.

Compared to other satellite services, BGAN offers 24/7 availability and global coverage via its geostationary satellite system. After successfully establishing a satellite connection, it will reliably connect during the measurement campaign.

BGAN has been developed for data transmission. Hence, it is true M2M communication. Measurement stations do not need voice service. Using BGAN means that data is transferred via a standard TCP/IP protocol. Contact us for cost-efficient data communication packages.


Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers offer a number of data transfer options. You can easily configure a BGAN modem for satellite communication in the web interface of the Meteo-40 data logger. Just connect the BGAN modem to the Ethernet port of the data logger. Note: There is a separate configuration web interface of the BGAN modem for checking network registration, antenna alignment etc.

In order to power the modem, you can assign a switch for the modem in the Meteo-40 web interface. Thus the modem is only powered when any data transfer action is scheduled.

See below for more details about the configuration in the Meteo-40 web interface.

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In order to work cost-efficient we recommend configuring only one communication method, when satellite services are used, i.e., select between AmmonitOR, SCP/FTP and email. If more than one communication method is active, the bandwidth consumption can double or triple. You can save approx. 20% bandwidth by configuring the SCP file upload to our AmmonitOR monitoring platform or your server than using email communication.

By activating the checkbox Prevent implicit tunnel activation, you can reduce the data traffic. The connection is only established according to the configured communication schedule. We recommend setting the online availability time of the data logger to a minimum, e.g., twice a week for 20 min. As soon as you log into the web interface, data is updated. You might consume valuable satellite communication time. Hence, we recommend reducing the log-in time to a minimum.

Check optimal BGAN settings in the LAN menu. You can find further cost-saving tips in the BGAN service datasheet on our website:


 How to configure a BGAN satellite connection in the Meteo-40 web interface

BGAN satellite modems are connected via Ethernet to Meteo-40. The BGAN modem itself is configured via the software provided by its manufacturer. Refer to the modem user manual for further details, e.g., network registration and antenna alignment.

In order to supply the modem, select a LAN switch from the dropdown list in the Communication → LAN menu of the Meteo-40 web interface. Deselect the checkbox LAN online, whenever CECS is on to prevent excessive traffic. Go to the Communication → Online menu and copy the Ammonit tunnel address of the data logger, e.g., https:// Disconnect the data logger from your PC and / or LAN. After entering the copied address in your browser, you should be able to log into the Meteo-40 web interface via the satellite connection.

You can find a detailed description of the modem configuration in the Meteo-40 web interface in the data logger user manual, which can be downloaded on



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