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Freshly published June issue of Ammonit bulletin

Our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR is in the focus of our new issue. AmmonitOR offers a bunch of new features for even more convenient campaign monitoring.


Ammonit Bulletin 2016-06

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Dear Reader,

Knowing that the measurement system is working smoothly is okay, but isn't monitoring the system much better to know what's exactly going on in the field? Check out AmmonitOR. You can conveniently monitor your wind and solar measurement campaigns as well as power curve measurement projects. Once configured, data is automatically and securely transmitted to AmmonitOR and you can check the situation in the field. Is it really so easy? YES!

You use different measurement technologies in your campaigns? No problem. AmmonitOR combines traditional anemometry and latest remote sensing technology - even in one project. There is no matter for different web monitoring tools. AmmonitOR is a monitoring platform for all your measurement systems.

Learn more about how you can benefit from using AmmonitOR in your measurement campaign.

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Are you working with different types of measurement systems, e.g., met masts in complex terrain and remote sensing in simple terrain? By using AmmonitOR you can monitor all your devices on one common platform according to the MEASNET guideline. Check system information and measurement data to ensure that your measurement campaigns are running smoothly.

No matter if you use traditional anemometry or remote sensing devices, AmmonitOR offers all features for all devices. You can easily combine different measurement systems in one AmmonitOR project, e.g., a permanent met mast and a mobile AQ510 SoDAR for assessing the wind conditions on different places within the planned wind farm area. Or include a ZephIR LiDAR in a power curve measurement project.

Benefit from detailed data reviews, automatically generated PDF reports and alarm functions. For remote sensing devices, AmmonitOR displays data for all configured measurement heights. Monitoring has never been easier!


The most important information at a glance - that's the Week's review. AmmonitOR displays all details for a quick system check, e.g., supply evaluations, latest data transfers as well as several XY plots with measurement data. Depending on the measurement system, AmmonitOR shows a series of relevant plots. However, only if a sun radiation sensor is installed, a plot with global horizontal irradiance is displayed.

One week for a system check is not enough? Just switch to the last 14 days or check a 3- or even 4-week period. In doing so, you can detect any trend or regular issues in your measurement system. With AmmonitOR you won't miss any tiny little detail in your campaign.

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Data snapshots are a great option to get an instant view on the measurement system. By selecting the data snapshot option in your Meteo-40 measurement system, actual measurement data is uploaded to AmmonitOR - in the moment Meteo-40 connects to the internet.

AmmonitOR displays data snapshots of the last 24h. Data snapshots support you in your daily system inspections and are a good overview to quickly check the measurements.

In order to receive data snapshots, you only have to activate the checkbox in the Meteo-40 web interface. Easy as a pie, isn't it?


Can you tell offhand, when each action has been performed in your campaign? The AmmonitOR Timeline can. By scrolling through the Timeline you can review all configuration changes, uploads, exports and much more.

Just move the interactive time frame to the period you want to review. All events are categorised. AmmonitOR displays a preview of the selected event. Not enough information? Click in the preview to get the details.

The Timeline can be applied on all Ammonit data loggers, AQ510 SoDAR and ZephIR LiDAR devices. AmmonitOR's Timeline lists all events starting with the initial data upload. You won't miss a thing.

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 How to register for an AmmonitOR account

In order to work with AmmonitOR just register for an account via Sign in on When the account is set up, you can click through some example projects to discover the potential of AmmonitOR.

One of the central elements in AmmonitOR is the Project key, which is a unique code of each project. By entering the Project key in the Meteo-40 web interface you can automatically assign data loggers to your project.

We recommend also using the Online Manual of AmmonitOR with can be accessed by clicking on Help in the upper right corner of the AmmonitOR application or open the PDF file on our website.



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