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September issue of Ammonit Bulletin

After the summer holidays we are all back in the office. Do we meet us next week at the WindEnergy?


 Ammonit Bulletin 2016-09

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Dear Reader,

After the recent high temperature in Germany it is hard to believe, but the autumn has already started. And it's time for the WindEnergy exhibition in Hamburg. We will be at the exhibition at stand A1.325 and present our product portfolio. Will you be at the WindEnergy next week? Just stop by and visit us. We look forward to meeting you.

Autumn means also changes for Ammonit. Josef Schweizer, our long-term Director Production and one of the founders of Ammonit, has retired. We will miss his broad knowledge and experience from numerous measurement projects around the globe. Steffi Dominikowski took over at the beginning of September and is our new Director Production. You might already know Steffi as she started in 2014 as co-director production at Ammonit. We wish her all the best in her new job.

One of the key tasks of our production department is to design and manufacture steel cabinets customized for your individual application. In order to enhance the features of our Meteo-40 data logger, we offer external modules with various configuration options. In this bulletin we inform you about the available modules and their purposes.


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Currently Ammonit offers two modules to broaden the range of compatible sensors and the feature list:

  • M83200: AC Converter + 5V Output
  • M83570: 10-ports, RS485 2-wire, 5V Output

Previous modules such as M83510 and M83555 have been replaced by M83570. Depending on your system configuration you might require one or both modules. You can even combine modules to extend the number of connectable devices. Let's discuss your system and we will recommend a suitable module, if necessary. Below you find a short description of both modules.


For wind speed sensors that use AC-generator principle low wind speed results in low output voltages. To enhance the sensitivity of the data recording and to reduce disturbance impact on the signal, the module M83200 should be applied in your measurement setup.

You can connect up to four anemometers with AC output to the module. If your system configuration includes more than four AC anemometers, you can easily add further modules to your configuration.

Additionally, the M83200 module offers two configurable ports with the following options:

  • Current limit to 10mA (470 Ω)
  • Pull-up resistor 5.1kΩ with current limit 1mA
  • Stabilised and ripple-free 5V output with active current limit 110mA

By setting jumpers you can select between the three options. You can connect up to two potentiometric wind vanes to the module by configuring the ports for current limit 10mA or 1mA depending on the wind vane requirements.

You can find a list of compatible sensors on the data sheet of the module on our website.

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The module M83570 combines the features of the previous modules M83510 and M83555. However, the module offers 10 ports, which can be individually configured by setting soldering bridges. Three options are available:

  • Current limit 10mA
  • Pull-up resistor 5.1kΩ with current limit 1mA
  • Pull-down resistor 10kΩ

The module has been designed to connect up to six potentiometric wind vanes: 3x Thies First Class and 3x Thies Compact. Further compatible wind vanes are listed in our data sheet.

Moreover, the module offers a configurable terminal for RS485 2-wire bus setup as well as a stabilised and ripple-free 5V output with active current limit 110mA. Via the module you can connect up to eight RS485 devices to the RS485M bus of Meteo-40. The RS485 bus is biased and terminated by the module. By connecting the module to Meteo-40 data logger operated in SCADA systems, you can additionally add sensors via Modbus RTU to the RS485 bus.

The data sheet of M83570 lists sensors, which are compatible with the module. You can download the data sheet on our website.

Will you be at the WindEnergy exhibition in Hamburg?

At our stand A1.325 you can learn more about accurate wind energy assessment and monitoring. Let's talk about our project and which instruments fit best for your measurement campaign. By the way, Ammonit offers also equipment for solar measurement. We have a number of tickets available. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a ticket and arrange a meeting.



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