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October issue of Ammonit Bulletin

The stormy season just started in Germany. Wind turbines deliver large amounts of energy. SCADA systems monitor the performance. Meteo-40 can help you to analyse the performance.


 Ammonit Bulletin 2016-10

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Dear Reader,

How do you monitor the performance of your wind turbines? The wind conditions at the wind farm site have been assessed to calculate the annual energy production long before the wind farm has been built. Now the wind farm is running and its best performance has to be ensured.

By comparing meteorological data gathered by a wind measurement system with operating data of the wind turbine, you can quickly verify the performance. Our Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers are designed for SCADA operation. Read below how you can benefit from implementing Ammonit measurement equipment in your SCADA system.


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In the design process of our Meteo-40 data loggers, the SCADA operation has always been in our focus. Thus we closely cooperate with leading wind turbine manufactures to develop the SCADA-designed hardware and software of Meteo-40. Today we have successfully integrated Meteo-40 in a number of the SCADA systems of leading wind turbine manufacturers. Start your SCADA project without delay and without extra costs because there is no need for additional hardware and software.

Meteo-40 offers an Ethernet port as well as an RS485 port for communication. Since Meteo-40 is based on Linux, we implemented standard libraries and industry standards for protocols, i.e., Ethernet, Modbus, OPC UA and Serial. In doing so, Meteo-40 ensures reliability and stability of your system.

We integrated common data formats 16-bit and 32-bit, e.g., single precision Industry Standard IEEE 754 floating-point values.

Benefit from Meteo-40's out-of-the-box SCADA compatibility, which can even be enhanced by adding adapting gateways.


Meteo-40 uses the standard protocols Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and OPC UA. The measurement values are represented in a configurable Modbus Register Map.

By adding register numbers to the Modbus Register Map in the Meteo-40 web interface, you can quickly retrieve live and statistical data. Meteo-40 offers two register types: Input and Holding Registers.

The Input Registers are used for data retrieval, e.g., live data of all active channels and switches, statistical data as well as internal values of the data logger. Holding Registers offer also a writing option for the SCADA client. So you can use the Holding Registers for retrieving stored data of a selected interval.

For security reasons, the data access is restricted to defined IP addresses by Modbus TCP security.

Do you need more details about Meteo-40 in SCADA operation? Contact our experts on +49 30 6003188-0 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We look forward to discuss your SCADA projects :-)

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