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November issue of Ammonit Bulletin

Christmas time is coming closer and the city centres are crowded with people hunting for Christmas presents. What about you? Is there any budget left for 2016? Now it is a good time to invest in SoDARs and LiDARs.


 Ammonit Bulletin 2016-11

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Dear Reader,

Do you think of investing in LiDAR and SoDAR devices for your upcoming wind measurement projects? Now, it's a good time to decide about X-mas presents. We can offer our ZephIR 300 LiDAR devices for only 92,000 EUR and the AQ510 SoDAR device for only 39,000 EUR. There are no better prices on the market!

Leading consulting companies, i.e., DNV GL, BBB Umwelttechnik and Ecofys, evaluated our remote sensing devices. DNV GL confirmed the bankabilty for ZephIR 300. BBB considers AQ510 to be the best SoDAR on the market, and Ecofys rates the AQ510 suitable for field measurements as a replacement of cup anemometers in flat terrain. To learn more about IEC classification and the performed verifications of AQ510 and ZephIR 300, contact us or download the reports from our website.


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DNV GL thoroughly assessed the ZephIR 300 with the result: ZephIR 300 is accepted for bankable wind speed and energy assessments in simple terrain. ZephIR 300 achieved Stage 3 in the DNV GL performance model - in 2012. Devices in Stage 3 are considered proven for use in the assessment of wind farm sites.

ZephIR 300 is designed and produced in the UK. After the Brexit decision in Summer, the British pound went down in value. Good luck for us! Now, you can buy our LiDARs at the unbeatable prices of only 92,000 EUR. So you can get three ZephIR 300 for the dealer price of two Windcube. Unbelievable!

Buying a ZephIR 300 is not only good for your budget, it is also good for your technicians. With ZephIR you benefit from 3-years warranty, support and 3-year service intervals for unbroken measurements. Hence, ZephIR 300 has the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.

In order to protect the ZephIR 300 while measuring, we offer a trailer solution equipped with a stand-alone power supply system. You can choose between different power options to properly supply your system on every place on earth.

Each ZephIR 300 LiDAR comes with a Performance Verification Certificate demonstrating that its performance is equivalent to a Class 1 cup anemometer specification.

If buying is not an option, what about renting a LiDAR?


AQ510 is the first and only SoDAR, which has been successfully classified according IEC 61400-12-1 (CD Ed.2). Considering the sensitivity tests, our SoDAR is in the same range as other classification tested remote sensing devices, i.e., LiDARs. This result is a milestone for SoDAR-based remote sensing!

Let's talk about the price: only 39,000 EUR. So you can buy two AQ510 SoDARs for one ZephIR LiDAR. Or let's calculate: 2x Windcube = 3x ZephIR 300 = almost 7x AQ510. What is your favourite?

To make your decision even more harder: There have also been performed a number of verification tests on the AQ510, which confirm the excellent measurement accuracy of the SoDAR. The test results underline the low manufacturing tolerance of the AQ510, which ensures continuous top quality measurements. You can read the full reports on our website.

One more thing: Compared to other remote sensing devices, AQ510 is bigger and heavier, but also more robust and with a lower power consumption. We offer a trailerised platform system to quickly move the SoDAR from site to site. Different power supply packages are available - suitable for warm, mild and cold winter regions.

Each AQ510 SoDAR is verified against a 103m IEC-compliant met mast prior to delivery. Hence, you can be sure to work with top quality devices.

Now, it's up to you: SoDAR or LiDAR; buying or renting.

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You are looking for a remote sensing device not only for site assessment, but also for turbine control? ZephIR DM offers a dual-mode functionality, allowing the deployment either ground-based for site assessment or turbine-mounted for performance and alignment analysis.

By installing the ZephIR DM on top of a turbine, you can conveniently measure wind conditions in front of or behind your wind turbine from 10 meters out to 300 meters. In doing so, you get valuable wind data for effective turbine performance management as well as absolute and relative power curve measurements.

With the ZephIR DM you can gather important data to optimize the performance of your wind turbine or even to reduce wind farm operating costs. Complex terrain and wake effects can also be detected and quantified by analysing, e.g.,:

  • Horizontal wind speed and yaw misalignment
  • Wind veer (change in wind direction with height)
  • Vertical wind shear (change in wind speed with height)
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Hub-height and rotor-equivalent wind speed

ZephIR DM comes with a 2-year warranty and support from technical engineers. The price for the dual-use wind LiDAR system is only 110.000 EUR.


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