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Ammonit News 01/2017

Start the New Jahr with our AmmonitOR data management platform. We added some cool features, e.g., Dynamic Plots to zoom into data and to analyse measurement data straight to the point.



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Dear Reader],

Have you seen the new features in AmmonitOR, yet? Recently we added further features for even better data inspection and monitoring. Hence, you can interactively select periods for detailed analysis or zoom into the plot to pick out data.

In order to evaluate your measurement data in specialised programs, you can now use our API to connect AmmonitOR with your program.


The New Interactive AmmonitOR

The new Dynamic XY Plot offers you the possibility to interactively analyse measurement data. There are two parallel plots: one for the time period and one for the data inspection. You can select up to four evaluations in the right section offering five statistic types. The plot is available for 24h data, weekly and monthly data.

To zoom into the upper graph scroll with your mouse wheel. Move the cursor to a data point to show details. You can easily select or deselect evaluations to show other data. Click on Apply to generate the new plot. You can also highlight a curve in the plot, just by clicking on it. The other curves move to the background.

Access your AmmonitOR project and discover our new interaction.



AmmonitOR offers an API allowing third party applications to call up data. By using our API in your program you can conveniently request data from your AmmonitOR projects, e.g.:

  • List of data loggers within a project including basic meta data
  • Information about particular data loggers in a project
  • List of all data logger files in AmmonitOR
  • Download of file content

AmmonitOR replies on all requests in the JSON format, which can easily be processed by other applications. After implementing the AmmonitOR API in your program, you can automatically download for example raw data files with metadata from your AmmonitOR projects.

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Protecting your valuable measurement data is very important for us. Thus we implemented token authentication in the AmmonitOR API.

The token authentication ensures that the data exchange between AmmonitOR and your application is protected. AmmonitOR only accepts requests with a proper token and after confirming all user permissions.

There are only 3 steps to start calling up data from AmmonitOR:

  • Connect your application with AmmonitOR by sending a request to obtain the authentication token
  • Grant access to your application by confirming its permission in AmmonitOR
  • Send requests via your application to AmmonitOR

If your application requires more data than currently available, contact us to discuss further option. We look forward to your feedback.


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