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Ammonit News 03/2017

Conveniently measure all 3 sun irradiation components with our all-in-one measurement systems. Read more about our RSI and the news solar monitoring system.



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Since the sun irradiation differs from site to site, solar resource assessment is important to design profitable solar power plants. Photovoltaic or Concentrated Solar Power? Depending on the planned solar power plant certain irradiation parameters should be measured: Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI), Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation (DHI) and/or Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI). By using our Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer or the new STR-21G-S measurement system you can conveniently determine all three sun irradiation components with a single measurement instrument.


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Our Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer (RSI) is a high quality measurement instrument with two horizontally leveled silicon photodiode radiation detectors for measuring GHI and DHI as well as calculating DNI from GHI, DHI and the zenith angle.

While the shadowband is in its rest position below the sensor, the photodiodes measure GHI. During rotation, the shadowband blocks the direct beam irradiation from the sun within a brief instant causing a drop of the photodiode signals to measure DHI. The redundancy of the two detectors ensures statistically higher accuracy, detection of potential individual sensor drifts as well as potential failures and irregularities.

Accurate measurement data for detailed solar analysis.


Our RSI is designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions such as dust, rain, heat, intense sun, snow and ice. It has proven its operability at multiple sites and is the system of choice for accurate solar resource assessment at sites with the following characteristics:

  • remote sites, where daily inspection visits are not feasible
  • locations without access to the electricity grid,
  • sites with increased presence of dispersed and airborne dust.

The RSI is your first choice for remote sites with harsh climatic conditions.

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The RSI has proven its superior performance with respect to soiling compared to common thermopile sensors.

The graph displays the performance differences between the RSI and a pyrheliometer over a period of one month without cleaning. The soiling of the RSI is much lower than the soiling of the pyrheliometer.

Optimise your maintenance during measurement campaigns by using an RSI, which is much lower affected by soiling than pyrheliometers.


The new STR-21G-S measurement system has been designed to measure all three sun irradiation components: GHI, DHI and DNI. The system offers latest sun tracking technology and is equipped with most advanced radiation sensors providing the lowest measurement uncertainty according to ISO 9060.

The system is based on the STR-21G sun tracker with a shading disk assembly, as well as a built-in GPS receiver and a sun-position sensor. Thus the system set-up is very easy and convenient. A MS-80 Secondary Standard pyranometer and a MS-56 First Class pyrheliometer are mounted to measure irradiation.

Your cost-efficient all-in-one irradiation measurement system for GHI, DHI and DNI.

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We are going to exhibit at the Intersolar Europe in Munich (31 May - 2 June). Discover the RSI on our stand #A3.517 in hall 3. Do you need a ticket for the Intersolar? Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive your ticket. We have a limited number of tickets available.


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