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Ammonit News 06/2017

Accurate and reliable wind measurement with the first full IEC-compliant SoDAR: AQ510!



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On 3rd March 2017 the updated version of the IEC 61400-12-1 was published. Already in April 2016 the updated version of the Measnet Site Assessment guideline has been released. The new IEC specifies requirements and quality of remote sensing devices (RSD), SoDAR and LiDAR technology, used for wind energy assessment campaigns; especially that SoDAR and LiDAR devices have to be classified and verified.

We are happy to annouce that we offer the first SoDAR device for IEC-compliant wind resource assessment.

Our AQ510 Wind Finder has successfully performed a full IEC classification. Additionally, a number of verifications performed by leading wind consulting companies prove accuracy and data availability of our SoDAR device.


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A classification acc. to IEC 61400-12-1:2017 Annex L provides a formally agreed and accepted method to assess the sensitivity of a RSD to environmental para-meters such as temperature, temperature gradient, wind shear exponent, wind veer, turbulences etc. This sensitivity is evaluated through a regression analysis of the accuracy of the RSD as a function of each environmental parameter. Hence, the classification allows the assessment of uncertainties in the accuracy of the RSD in different kind of weather and wind conditions.

Annex L of the IEC 61400-12-1:2017 defines that a minimum of two devices must be tested at two separate sites for a minimum of three months. This way a large span of environmental parameters can be measured. Additionally, at least one device must be deployed at both sides. In order to give customers greater confidence for our SoDARs, four AQ510 devices with six deployments have been used in the classification process with a total measurement period of twenty-six month.

IEC-compliant wind energy assessment with AQ510.


According to the IEC 61400-12-1:2017 each remote sensing device shall undergo a verification test. This test is a comparison of RSD measurements with those from a calibrated cup anemometer mounted on an IEC-compliant met mast. The AQ510 is complying with this requirement.

Every AQ510 is calibrated against a 100m IEC-compliant met mast in Sweden prior to delivery to the customer. Hence, AQ510 is the only SoDAR with this testing level before delivery.

Independent verification reports from DNV-GL, Ecofys and BBB Umwelttechnik confirm high accuracy of the AQ510 Wind Finder. The performance verifications report overall high correlation and very good linear regression fit.

Confirmed and calibrated measurement quality.

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AQ510 has been designed for wind measurement in all weather conditions from hot deserts to arctic winter climate. The total power consumption of the SoDAR is only 30 W! When operated in cold winter climate the power consumption increases due to additional heating. The mobile system is available as a trailer platform or integrated in a trailer including power supply. Depending on the conditions at the site, we offer four options for power supply:

  • Stand-alone: Access to grid or suitable power supply is available
  • Warm Winter Kit: Power supply via 2x 200 W solar modules offered as trailer platform or with separate trailer
  • Mild Winter Kit: Power supply via 2x 200 W solar modules and fuel cell offered with trailer platform or with separate trailer
  • Cold Winter Kit: Power supply via 3x 200 W solar modules and 3.3 kW diesel generator offered with separate trailer

Select your preferred option for continuous wind measurement in all climates.


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