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Ammonit News 08/2017

AmmonitOR Premium has been released! Monitoring and data management for your wind and solar measurement campaigns.


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Dear Reader,

AmmonitOR Premium has been released!

AmmonitOR started as a small project to monitor measurement systems online. We offered basic monitoring tools to display measurement data and system status information. Today AmmonitOR is a huge online platform for complex data monitoring and management fulfilling the MEASNET requirements for wind resource assessment campaigns. Hundreds of active projects and more than three Thousand users demonstrate the position, which AmmonitOR has already achieved in the market.

AmmonitOR Premium splits into two working sections: Basic Monitoring and Advanced Data Management. The Basic Monitoring remains free of charge. If you want to use the Advanced Data Management features, you require a Premium Credit Account. Please refer to our updated product brochure and manual to learn more about how to set up your Premium Credit Account and how to work with the Advance Data Management Features.

All data, which has been uploaded and imported until today, remain free of charge. With the release next week we start a test period, in which all Premium features can be used and intensively tested without paying. On 1 October 2017 we activate the Premium Credit Accounts, so Advanced Data Management will not be free anymore.


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How do you monitor your measurement system at low cost efficiently and proactively? Remote measurement systems have to work without any interruption as maintenance can be very expensive at faraway sites. AmmonitOR supports you in monitoring and management of your measurement system regardless of the implemented devices, e.g.:

  • Met systems with Ammonit data loggers
  • Met masts with Campbell data loggers
  • AQ510 SoDAR devices
  • ZephIR LiDAR devices

AmmonitOR displays system performance and measurement data in various plots and tables. Hence, you can detect malfunctions and suspicious data as early as possible.


When you open your AmmonitOR account after the release next week, you will enter the new Dashboard.

This new page enables you to control your account: Which project will be a premium campaign and which project shall just be monitored with basic features. You can quickly access your premium account to buy and spend credits for your premium campaigns.

By clicking on the Project list, you can access all your projects, for which you have user rights. Additionally, here you can find some example projects to test AmmonitOR's features. The Project list has been the former start page of AmmonitOR.

The new Dashboard is the starting point for account, campaign and data management.

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You can automatically generate PDF reports for your campaigns in AmmonitOR. Choose between reports for wind, solar and power curve measurement projects. AmmonitOR offers the option to select between compact, standard and detailed reports for different time periods, i.e.,:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Monthly reports.

You can configure AmmonitOR to send the report via email or you just download the file from your account.

AmmonitOR PDF reports summarize your campaign reliably and straight to the point.


AmmonitOR offers the option to export measurement data into certain data formats, e.g., to analyse the data in third party programs or to supply governmental organisations with officially required file formats. Hence, you can select the official file formats required by the Turkish government and the file format for the Brazilian market.

You can export measurement data of a certain time period or you can configure regular export files. It is up to you to decide how you want to receive the files: download from your AmmonitOR account, as email attachment or as file on your server.

In order to protect your valuable data you can digitally sign and encrypt your data. Thus you protect data authentication and integrity.

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For further details about AmmonitOR, please refer to our website:

We look forward to your comments after discovering our new AmmonitOR.

Kind regards,
Ammonit Measurement GmbH

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