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Ammonit News 09/2017

Offering the highest standard in the market: Perform your wind or solar measurement campaign with our Meteo-40 data logger.


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How many data loggers do you know, which can be used out-of-the-box for different applications like SCADA wind farm monitoring, wind and solar resource assessment as well as bat monitoring? Even the smallest version of the Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger offers sufficient input and output channels for qualified measurement campaigns. Hence, each Meteo-40 is equipped with an Ethernet and RS485 Slave interface to get integrated into SCADA systems. Do you know another data logger on the market, which offers such premium features in the basic version?


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Solar resource assessment, wind farm monitoring, gathering meteorological data for climate research or bat monitoring? Whatever you are planning, Meteo-40 is the first choice for your measurement campaign.

We designed the data logger in three options with different numbers of input and output channel - just the right for your campaign. Meteo-40 is not only flexible when it comes to recording different signals, it offers also certain possibilities of communication and data transfer: Ethernet, USB, Wifi, UMTS/GSM or even satellite modem. You select your preferred communication option. Meteo-40 offers the hardware requirements as a standard feature.

One for all and all for you: Ammonit Meteo-40.


Our Meteo-40 is equipped with up to 2 GB memory for saving 1-sec original measurement data. Thus you can easily recalculate the statistics, for example in case of changed slope and offset values after exchanging a sensor. The original 1-sec data remains untouched even when you delete statistic files.

If you want to generate more than one statistic interval or different content of the statistic files, you can use secondary and even tertiary statistic files, which is a standard Meteo-40 feature. In addition to the statistic files you can generate CSV files with gust data. Once configured Meteo-40 records gust data and provides separate CSV files.

Meteo-40 calculates back and forth, generates 1, 2 or 3 different statistic files - do you need more?

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Data loggers are very complex recording devices. The feature list is long and the included algorithms are hard to understand for non-technicians. Meteo-40 offers a user-friendly web interface. Thus also beginners are able to connect and configure the data logger.

Wizards for sensor and modem configuration support the user to select the correct options. You conveniently configure the data logger step by step. If you get stuck, you can review your settings by checking the context-sensitive help in the Meteo-40 web interface. However, Meteo-40 shows certain note and warning messages, e.g., when a satellite modem is configured and the communication should be reduced to a minimum to save expenses.

Save your time and money by starting to work with Meteo-40. It is also easy on your nerves!


We are continuously enhancing the firmware of Meteo-40, i.e., adding new features, improving the performance and also fixing errors. To benefit from the enhancements, we recommend upgrading the Meteo-40 firmware.

In general you start the upgrade process when the data logger is online. You only need a few clicks and the data logger upgrades automatically. But how can you perform an upgrade when the internet is not available, the connection is poor or very expensive? The answer is via USB flash drive.

Since version 1.6 Meteo-40 can be upgraded offline, e.g., when your service team is at a site visit. Contact Ammonit for the latest upgrade file and instructions.

Flexibility and performance for smooth and accurate measurement campaigns.

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Once the measurement station is set up and running, it should perform properly. In order to monitor the measurement system and check the data regularly, we designed the web platform AmmonitOR. You can manage all your met mast and remote sensing systems in AmmonitOR: monitoring the system performance regarding power supply and communication behaviour as well as analyse your measurement data in various plots. Give it a try on! Certain example projects are available to test AmmonitOR.


Meet us and our partners

DEWEK 2017 in Bremen, Germany
17 - 18 October 2017
Congress Centrum Bremen
Meet the Ammonit team at the conference.

China Wind Power 2017 in Beijing, China
17 - 19 October 2017
China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
Meet us and our Chinese partner Beijing Leviathan.

Windenergietage in Warnemünde, Germany
07 - 09 November 2017
Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne
Meet the Ammonit team at the conference.

WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28 - 30 November 2017
Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre
Meet the Ammonit team at Stand #1C48 in Hall 1.


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