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Ammonit News 2018-01

The solution for efficient and user-friendly campaign management and monitoring: AmmonitOR :-)


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Dear Reader,

Do you already benefit from the advantages offered by our online platform AmmonitOR for your campaign management? Why not beginning the new year with a new tool? Easy to use, efficient and 24/7 online access to your system and measurement data. That's AmmonitOR.

Basic features of AmmonitOR are free of charge and offer a number of useful functions for effective campaign monitoring, e.g., weekly reviews, filters and alert functions. Premium features include advanced functions, e.g., for complex data inspection in various plots, statistics as well as campaign reporting and data exports.


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Use AmmonitOR to efficiently and reliably manage your measurement systems. You can see the most important details about your projects at a glance:

  • Are the measurement data sets complete?
  • Does the sensor heating work properly?
  • Are the statistics generated and transferred as scheduled?
  • Is the system sufficiently supplied with power?

AmmonitOR includes a number of plots to visibly check integrity and plausibility of your measurement data. If you detect any deviations in the data rows, you can quickly look for the reasons and replace any sensor, if necessary. Additionally, AmmonitOR can take over the campaign documentation and generate regular PDF reports.

Use AmmonitOR to be virtually onsite at your system.


The AmmonitOR Dashboard is the entrance to your project management. All projects, all devices as well as all users at a glance and editable at any time. This way you can manage and monitor your remote campaigns from all over the world 24/7.

Only a few clicks are necessary to check data quality and system performance in weekly reviews. We designed AmmonitOR according to the MEASNET guideline considering data integrity and plausibility. No matter which type of measurement project you have - wind or solar - AmmonitOR offers suitable tools for data inspection and documentation.

With AmmonitOR you can keep your data quality at a constant high level at low costs.

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By using AmmonitOR you can select between a number of plots to visibly monitor your measurement data and your measurement systems. You can use AmmonitOR for both - wind and solar measurement campaigns. Just choose the appropriate chart, e.g., shadow zones, turbulence intensity, power curve or global and direct horizontal irradiation.

AmmonitOR offers different report types for the campaign documentation: Wind measurement campaigns, power curve measurement and solar measurement campaigns. Once configured AmmonitOR generates PDF reports automatically including relevant charts for the selected time period.

In order to analyse measurement data in external programs, you can export data from AmmonitOR into different data formats, e.g., the official formats for the Turkish and Brazilian market.

The all-in-one platform for monitoring and inspection.


Sounds interesting? Give it a try. You only need to create an account on AmmonitOR includes example projects to give you an impression of the efficiency offered by our online platform. You can quickly see, which features are free of charge and how much more value the premium features can give to you. If you want to learn more about AmmonitOR, contact us directly on +49 30 6003188-0 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We look forward to presenting AmmonitOR to you.


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