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Ammonit News 2018-03

Protect your valuable measurement data by using the MEASNET-compliant security features implemented in our Meteo-40 data loggers and on AmmonitOR.


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Performing measurement campaigns is expensive and time-consuming, but also crucial to build profitable wind farms and solar power plants. Thus it is important to protect the valuable measurement data. In most cases once manipulated data is unusable and irretrievably lost.

In order to safeguard your measurement data we implemented data security features on our Meteo-40 data loggers and our online data management platform AmmonitOR. Hence, you can perform your measurement campaign according to MEASNET requirements.


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The MEASNET guideline "Evaluation of site-specific wind conditions" describes in chapter 8.1 Assessment of Data Integrity that the integrity of the data should be verified to the greatest degree possible. Table 2 Definition of classes and characterisations of different situations of measurement data integrity of the MEASNET guideline defines certain integrity classes describing the grade of data integrity.

By activating the security features of Meteo-40 data loggers, your campaign can be considered as Class C (Data integrity protected), which is (...) proving the authenticity and integrity of the complete data chain by sufficient encryption and authentication measures, so that the data cannot be manipulated, (...).

You can download the current version of the MEASNET guideline on our website.


Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers and AmmonitOR use the OpenPGP standard to sign data by applying public key cryptography.

OpenPGP combines the advantages of asymmetric and symmetric cryptography: secure key transmission and high-speed communication. The implemented public key cryptography consists of public and private keys, which are used to sign and verify messages.

Although digitally signed data can be accessed, you can easily verify if the data has been manipulated in the meantime by validating the digital signature. Only a valid digital signature indicates that the sent message contains the original data from the sender.

In addition to the digital signature you can encrypt your data with a password. Thus the data is only readable for people knowing the correct password.

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Each Meteo-40 data logger comes with a unique private key. All files transferred by a Meteo-40 data logger can be digitally signed with its individual private key. In order to verify the files Ammonit provides a public key. The public key indicates by verifying measurement data and digital signature whether the data has been manipulated or not.

You can conveniently sign all export data files created in your AmmonitOR account. Each AmmonitOR installation is equipped with a unique private key. Ammonit provides the public key to verify the export data files. The public key validates the digital signature of the export data. If both match, you work with original data.

Since files with a digital signature are still readable for unauthorized people, you can encrypt files generated by Meteo-40 or AmmonitOR. Thus only people knowing the correct password are able to read the data.


In order to quickly verify the digital signature we developed the online service Ammonit Verify ( The service is free of charge and 24/7 online available. You do not need to register for the service. Ammonit Verify does not store any of your measurement data.

To use the service, you only upload your data file (.csv or .csv.gz) and the matching signature file (.csv.sig). Ammonit Verify immediately shows the validity of the digital signature.

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If you want to learn more about our security features and how you can apply the features in your campaign, have a look on our website and our security datasheet.


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