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Ammonit News 2018-05

Conveniently export or convert measurement data into the data format, which you require for data analysis.


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Dear Reader,

Your measurement system has been installed and is operating properly. By monitoring system and measurement data in our online data management platform AmmonitOR you can conveniently check system performance and data plausibility.

In order to evaluate measurement data in professional analysis software, e.g., Windpro, certain data formats are required. AmmonitOR offers a number of data formats commonly used by analysis software and also mandatory for Turkish and Brazilian authorities. Do you already use the data export feature of AmmonitOR?


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When configuring the data export in AmmonitOR, you select the data format. AmmonitOR lists file formats commonly used in analysis software, i.e.:

  • CSV
  • MS Excel
  • OpenDocument Format
  • HTML
  • Plain Text

Furthermore, you can choose authority required formats. Thus you can directly send measurement data from your Meteo-40 measurement station to the Turkish or Brazilian authorities.

If you have been using Campbell data logger so far and you want to benefit from the advantages of AmmonitOR, you can convert Meteo-40 measurement data into the TOA5 format used by Campbell data loggers. Thus you do not have to adjust your analysis software after changing the data logging system.

AmmonitOR saves your time and offers the possibility of a step-by-step system change.


You can individually select, which data should be exported. However, you can choose a period, e.g.:

  • Year, quarter, month, week or day
  • Individual period between two fixed days
  • All available data

In order to optimise the export file you can configure the date/time format, which should be used and if error-related data should be excluded. There are some more possibilities to enhance the file content, e.g., formatting the header and sorting the columns.

In addition to the content you decide about the way the data should be transmitted, e.g., via email attachment, download or upload via FTP or SCP.

AmmonitOR exports data into files you can work with.

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In the European Union countries the General Data Protection Regulation became effective recently. Ammonit takes care not only of your personal data but also of your measurement data. Thus we offer certain security features to protect your valuable measurement data.

You can encrypt and digitally sign your data export files. So you can always be sure that you work with original data, which has not been manipulated. By the way, you get data according to MEASNET regulations.

AmmonitOR takes data security seriously.


Experienced AmmonitOR users might have noticed that we introduced a payment system for AmmonitOR. This is due to the fact that AmmonitOR has become a considerable monitoring tool, which is professionally operated and continuously improved by our developer team.

For your Meteo-40 measurement projects you can continue exporting data for free meaning that you do not have to buy credits for data exports into the original format, CSV, OpenDocument file and the authority-required formats. Please note that certain non-standard data formats are not available for free.

If you operate measurement systems with non-Ammonit data loggers, discontinued Meteo-32 data loggers or other recording devices, you require an AmmonitOR premium account, i.e. you spend credits per device and month. By activating the premium features, you can use the entire functionality of AmmonitOR.


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