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Temperature Humidity Sensors

Temperature sensors measure air temperature, while humidity sensors measure air humidity. Both sensors are often applied in combination to reduce cost. The calculation of the air humidity does not directly influence a wind site assessment, but knowing this parameter helps assessing the potential danger of ice build-up at the measuring location. Temperature sensors should always be mounted at a height of at least 10m to ensure sufficient distance from heat radiating from the earth.


Impact of Measurement Errors on AEP Calculation

Temperature and air pressure significantly affect the AEP (Annual Energy Production). Hence, according to IEC 61400-12-1 temperature and air pressure have to be measured in a wind measurement campaign.

Wind power is linear proportional to the invers of temperature 1/T (in Kelvin). At 15°C, 1°C error on temperature measurement induces 0.35% error on AEP. The standard IEC 61400-12-1 specifies the relation where the sensitivity factor for temperature is cT,i Pi / 288.15 K.

Therefore IEC 61400-12-1 requires measuring air pressure and temperature.

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The impact of humidity on AEP might be significant if air temperature is high. At sea level and at air temperature of 20°C, air density varies 1.2% between 0 … 100% humidity. It varies 2.0% at 30°C and 4% at 40°C. At high temperatures the IEC recommends to measure the humidity, as well.


Temperature Humidity Sensor

Thermo- Hygrosensor Typ

S42100 (Temperature Sensor)
S52100 (Temperature + Humidity Sensor)

  • Measuring range:
    -30 ... +70°C and 0 ... 100% RH
  • Accuracy temperature:
    ±0.2 K in the range -27 ... +70°C
  • Accuracy humidity:
    ±2% RH in the range 5 ... 95% RH at 10 ... 40°C
  • Measurement element temperature:
    Pt100 Class B 1/3 DIN acc. to DIN EN 60751


Pt100- Tolerance

weather and radiation shield


S50050 (Weather and radiation shield)

Temperature and humidity sensors are often applied in combination.
Both sensors are installed within a weather and radiation shield.
The matt black undersides of the weather and radiation shield significantly reduces solar radation influxes on the temperature sensor inside.



Surface Temperature Sensor (Pt100)

Modultemperatursensor Pt100


Sensor for measuring the surface temperature, e.g., of PV modules

  • Measuring range: -50 ... +150°C
  • Measurement element temperature:
    Pt100 Class B 1/3 DIN acc. to DIN EN 60751
  • Sensor is mounted by glueing the housing directly on the measurement surface



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