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Bat Detection

Nature protection is an important topic for all wind farm operators. Renewable energy has to be in harmony with species conservation. Hence, during site assessment and later during wind farm operation the behaviour of local species, e.g., bats, should be evaluated. Particularly protected and endangered species should not be affected by wind power generation in their habitat.

Ammonit offers a solution to detect and monitor bats and their behaviour. The bat detection system includes a high-sensitivity microphone to listen to the ultrasonic sound of the animals. This way the system records number and frequency of bat passes. Via our Meteo-40 data logger you can conveniently integrate the bat detection system in the SCADA system of a wind farm, e.g., to stop a wind turbine, when any bats are active.

Bat Detector SM3BAT


Order-No: SB1100

Cost-effective and reliable solution for the periodic, seasonal, or long-term acoustic monitoring of bats.Easy integration in SCADA systems via the Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger.

  • Recording channels: Dual-Channel (2x Ultrasonic Audio or 2x Acoustic Audio)
  • Storage size: 1 - 2 GB for recording full spectrum
  • Microphone: Highly sensitive, low noise microphone SMM-U1 for recording ultrasound up to 190 kHz
  • Weatherproof



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