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Wind and solar measurement systems
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Top-Level Measurement Systems for Wind and Solar Applications

No matter if you are looking for measurement systems for wind or solar site assessment or for monitoring systems for wind or solar application, we design the measurement system that fits best to your individual requirements - even for extreme weather conditions and remote areas.


ammonit wind resource assessment

Wind Measurement for Site Assessment (Wind resource Assessment)

We design your site-specific wind measurement system for simple or complex terrain, with data transfer and power supply system. Our high quality sensors accurately measure the wind conditions and have proven their worth in various measurement campaigns worldwide.


ammonit remote sensing

Remote Sensing: Wind measurement at Hub Height with Sodar and Lidar Devices

Use our verified SoDAR and LiDAR devices to accurately measure wind conditions in a height of up to 200 meters. Our remote sensing systems are designed for high measurement sensitivity and data availability.


ammonit solar resource assessment

Solar Measurement for Site Assessment (Solar Resource Assessment)

We design your individual measurement system for PV or CSP applications. You can accurately measure GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiation), DHI (Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation) and DNI (Direct Normal Irradiation).


ammonit cold climate wind site assessment

Wind Measurement in cold Climate Regions (Cold Climate)

Are you planning a wind farm in a region with cold winters and heavy snow fall? We design your measurement system that suits best to the local condition - with heated sensors and strong stand-alone power supply.


ammonit scada wind farm monitoring

SCADA: Wind Farm Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your wind farm by installing a measurement system. You can easily integrate our measurement system in your SCADA system. The data is transferred via Ethernet (TCP/IP) or RS485 by means of the standard protocols Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU.


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