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Wind Measurement for Site assessment

Prior to setting up a wind farm, the local wind conditions have to be measured for site assessment. Based on the data collected during the wind measurement campaign consultants calculate the expected wind energy yield.

The more precise the collected wind data, the more precise the forecast for the wind energy yield. Even small discrepancies in the evaluation of the wind speed data drastically multiply the discrepancy of the calculated wind power. Thus it is crucial to carefully select the installed measurement instruments and the met mast builder. With our long-term experience and our know-how from various projects worldwide, we look forward to support you in designing the best measurement system for your requirements.

Our wind resource assessment systems meet international quality standards and have been tested in various measurement campaigns. We design your individual measurement systems focusing on suitable sensors as well as communication and power supply systems with regard to the local weather conditions.


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Components of our wind measurement systems

Our measurement systems meet the high international quality standards. The following components can be part of our measurement systems:


Standards and Guidelines

In order to summarize the high quality requirements in wind measurement, international standards have been developed. The most important standards and guidelines are:

IEC 61400-12-1
The IEC 61400-12-1 is the most important standard for wind measurement. This standard specifies the correct set-up of a met mast including installation of sensors. It describes the quality of sensors installed on the met mast with regard to accuracy and reliability. Additionally, it defines a set of criteria with regard to data quantity and quality. The IEC standard has be updated to meet new requirements in wind energy assessment. The new IEC has been published in March 2017.  The new IEC includes large parts about site assessment. Ultrasonic anemometers and remote sensing devices are accepted for site assessment under certain conditions. Additionally, data integrity, quality and filtering are a mainsubject in the standard (see also MEASNET).

MEASNET is an international network of measurement institutes, which developed the guideline "Evaluation of site-specific wind conditions". This guideline describes the process of site assessment including data collection, evaluation and interpretation. The MEASNET guideline refers to IEC 61400-12-1 and focuses on data quality, plausibility and integrity.
Download: MEASNET Site Assessment Guideline V2 (April 2016, English, PDF)

TR6 (Rev.9)
The technical guideline TR6, published by the German "Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Erneuerbare Energien", describes processes to determine the wind potential and the energy yield at sites for wind turbines („Bestimmung des Windpotentials und Energieertrags an Standorten für Windkraftanlagen“). The guideline focuses on wind measurement considering wind met masts as well as SoDAR and LiDAR devices. Under strictly defined conditions, the guideline accepts wind speed and direction measurements exclusively with remote sensing systems. The TR6 guideline also defines criteria for data quality. Thus measurement data has to be checked for integrity and plausibility on a regular basis. This guideline is mainly applied in Germany.


For further details about our wind measurement systems refer to our brochure: Download (English, PDF)

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