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AmmonitOR displays complex information clearly and transparent in an easy-to-read user interface. Only a few clicks are necessary to register for AmmonitOR. However, we offer some example project to discover the benefits of AmmonitOR by oneself. Give it a try!

Read this quick guide to start working with AmmonitOR or download our detailed manual:
Download: Manual (English, PDF)
Download: Manual (English, EPub)

ammonitor dashboard

Register via Sign up on the AmmonitOR login page:

Once the account is created, you have access to all example projects, e.g., the Ammonit field test project, which provides data from the Ammonit test site. The mast is located on the roof of our office building (the data is not representative due to the inner city location). Other example projects show measurement campaigns of our partners, e.g., wind and solar measurement stations in Brazil and Turkey, as well as a test project for power curve measurement.

Set Up your Premium Credit Account
ammonitor premiumdataloggers

AmmonitOR splits into two working sections: Basic Monitoring and Advanced Data Management. The Basic Monitoring is free of charge. In order to use the features of the Advanced Data Management, you require a Premium Credit Account. Hence, by spending credits you can activate the premium features for selected devices month for month.

Please find here a list of basic and premium features:
AmmonitOR Premium Quick Start (englisch, PDF)

Create your own projects and integrate measurement data
ammonitor loggerdetails

New projects can be created in the AmmonitOR Project list. Projects can be limited for a time period, so test data is not used in the documentation. AmmonitOR is designed to process data provided by Ammonit and Campbell data loggers, as well as from AQ510 SoDAR and ZephIR LiDAR devices. However, you can add further information to your project, e.g., GPS data.

It is up to you, which method should be used to transfer data from the data logger to AmmonitOR. Select your preferred method:

  • SCP upload (Configuration via Ammonit Meteo-40 data logger - automatic data import)
  • Send via email (Configuration via Ammonit data loggers and in AmmonitOR - automatic data import)
  • Manual upload (Upload and import data files via AmmonitOR web interface)
Monitor your measurement campaigns
ammonitor calendar

A click in the Calendar indicates the data completeness of your project. You can easily perform a system check through Week's review, i.e., check the power supply and communication performance of the measurement station. Display various curves and diagrams in the menu Plot to check your data for plausibility. Configure Filters to mark any data, which is deviating from standard values. AmmonitOR automatically sends email alerts in case of matching filter conditions. Thus you easily discover measurement failures and inconstancy in time and avoid unnecessary data loss.


Check measuring stations and data
ammonitor averages

Data is missing or the curve of the measurement data deviates from the norm? Investigate the situation with AmmonitOR. A number of overviews simplify the data quality check, e.g., trend analysis or correlations.

In the menu Plots you can find various graphics for different projects to check the plausibility of the measurement data. Choose between correlations, daily- and long-term-analysis etc. Apply individual evaluators and display measurement data for individual selectable time periods. Zoom into any data series or monitor the seasonal trend of any measurement.

Record your measurement campaign
ammonitor report

You can create preconfigured PDF reports through Reports, which summarise a limited time period. AmmonitOR reports include all system-relevant information as well as numerously graphics. AmmonitOR automatically emails the reports, so nothing can be forgotten and you directly receive the current report. Or download the PDF document manually from AmmonitOR.

You have the possibility to export selected measurement data into your preferred file format with the Export function for further data processing. Preconfigured exports already exist for Brazilian and Turkish public authorities. Encrypt your data to be exported, so that only authorized user have access.



AmmonitOR Login

Sign in or register for your AmmonitOR account:


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