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Ammonit News 2018-09

Only a few days are left until the WindEnergy Hamburg starts. We are happy to invite you to visit our stand A1.325 in hall A1.


Ammonit News 2018-08

Visit us at the WindEnergy exhibition from 25 - 28 September 2018 in Hamburg. You can find us in hall A1 at stand A1.325. We look forward to meeting you!


Ammonit News 2018-07

Protecting sensitive measurement equipment against lightning strike and voltage flashover. You can reduce the potential risks just by considering some important rules. Read more in the July issue of our Ammonit News.


Ammonit News 2018-06

It is so easy and convenient to retrieve measurement data from your Meteo-40 data logger? Do you know all options for file transfer and the available statistic types? Learn more.


Ammonit News 2018-05

Conveniently export or convert measurement data into the data format, which you require for data analysis.


Ammonit News 2018-04

The new intelligent anemometer Thies First Class Advanced X is available now. Benefit from excellent IEC classification results as well as inclination and vibration measurement.


Ammonit News 2018-03

Protect your valuable measurement data by using the MEASNET-compliant security features implemented in our Meteo-40 data loggers and on AmmonitOR.


Ammonit News 2018-02

Accurate and cost-efficient solar resource assessment with RSI in Brazil described by our customer Fotovoltec


Ammonit News 2018-01

The solution for efficient and user-friendly campaign management and monitoring: AmmonitOR :-)


Ammonit X-mas Greetings

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Ammonit News 11/2017

Visit us at the WindEurope in Amsterdam and discover the new IEC-classified anemometers Thies First Class Advanced II and Thies First Class Advanced X.


Ammonit News 10/2017

New: Ammonit Verify Service ( for online verification of digitally signed CSV files with measurement data.


Ammonit News 09/2017

Offering the highest standard in the market: Perform your wind or solar measurement campaign with our Meteo-40 data logger.


Ammonit News 08/2017

AmmonitOR Premium has been released! Monitoring and data management for your wind and solar measurement campaigns.


Ammonit News 07/2017

NEW: MEASNET and IEC compliant sensor calibration at Ammonit Wind Tunnel


Ammonit News 06/2017

Accurate and reliable wind measurement with the first full IEC-compliant SoDAR: AQ510!


Ammonit News 05/2017

Visit us at the Intersolar (Hall A3 Stand A3.517) in Munich and learn more about our Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer - one device to determine the three components of sun irradiation.


Ammonit News 04/2017

Detecting the activity of bats and lightning storms in the surrounding of your planned or operating wind farm.


Ammonit News 03/2017

Conveniently measure all 3 sun irradiation components with our all-in-one measurement systems. Read more about our RSI and the news solar monitoring system.


Ammonit News 02/2017

Benefit from our new Power Supply Box in your LiDAR and SoDAR measurement projects. Reliable and continuous power supply at any site and any climate.


Ammonit Training (3 - 5 April 2017 in Berlin)

The next Ammonit Training Session is scheduled for April in Berlin. For further details contact us at: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.


Ammonit News 01/2017

Start the New Jahr with our AmmonitOR data management platform. We added some cool features, e.g., Dynamic Plots to zoom into data and to analyse measurement data straight to the point.


Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

We wish you, your colleagues, friends and your family a joyful Christmas time and a Happy New Year.


November issue of Ammonit Bulletin

Christmas time is coming closer and the city centres are crowded with people hunting for Christmas presents. What about you? Is there any budget left for 2016? Now it is a good time to invest in SoDARs and LiDARs.


October issue of Ammonit Bulletin

The stormy season just started in Germany. Wind turbines deliver large amounts of energy. SCADA systems monitor the performance. Meteo-40 can help you to analyse the performance.


September issue of Ammonit Bulletin

After the summer holidays we are all back in the office. Do we meet us next week at the WindEnergy?


Summer issue of Ammonit Bulletin

Summer holiday season at Ammonit. Read our news to learn how you can get the summer feeling in your measurement project :-)


Freshly published June issue of Ammonit bulletin

Our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR is in the focus of our new issue. AmmonitOR offers a bunch of new features for even more convenient campaign monitoring.


May Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Soiling has become a great issue for PV power plant operators. Read our bulletin to learn more about the topic.


Mar/APR Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

This issue informs about BGAN satellite communication and highlights some tips for cost-efficient data transfer via satellite.


Jan/Feb Issue of Ammont Bulletin published

Learn in this issue more about calibration and how you work with the calibration values in the Meteo-40 web interface.


Ammonit Bulletin 2016-01/02

ammonit header

Dear Reader,

2015 has been a great year for the wind and solar industry. More and more countries are active and develop renewable energy strategies. Meanwhile wind and solar energy significantly contribute to the global energy mix. The global outlook for renewables is encouraging. We look forward to a green future :-)

Before green energy is efficiently produced, the local conditions should be assessed. For accurate measurement, calibration plays an important role. We recommend calibrating relevant wind and solar sensor, e.g., anemometers, wind vanes and pyranometers. Read our news to learn more about calibration, certificates and sensor configuration.

ammonit calibration web

In order to perform an IEC- and MEASNET-compliant wind measurement campaign, cup anemometers have to be calibrated. IEC 61400-12-1 describes the calibration in detail. According to the IEC, cup anemometers shall be calibrated before and recalibrated after the measurement campaign. The difference between the regression lines of calibration and recalibration shall be within ±0.1 m/s in the range 6m/s to 12 m/s.

Calibration is a very complex procedure. Only IEC 17025 accredited institutes should perform calibrations. For wind sensors the MEASNET accreditation is an additional indicator for high quality calibration institutes. Ammonit cooperates with leading calibration institutes. We can arrange the calibration or recalibration of your sensors. Just get in contact with us: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or +49 30 6003188-0


The calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards according to the International System of Units (SI). Each calibration certificate refers to a sensor with unique serial number, which is also important for the recalibration after the measurement campaign. The document includes a number of important details, e.g.,:

Calibration mark
A unique ID of the certificate refers to the calibration institute and the calibration time.

Linear regression analysis
The linear regression analysis is the central element of the calibration certificate. It provides correlation coefficient R², as well as slope and offset values, which have to be entered in the Meteo-40 web interface for the statistics calculation.

Achieved compliance
Indicates the compliance with common guidelines / standards, e.g., MEASNET.

The most important details are the slope and offset values stated in the linear regression analysis. These values are necessary for sensor configuration and statistics calculation. However, the calibration certificate also includes details about the wind tunnel and the ambient conditions during the calibration.

ammonit cali-certificate web


 How to configure calibration values in the Meteo-40 web interface

You can conveniently configure all sensors connected to the Meteo-40 via its web interface. Meteo-40 includes a comprehensive sensor library with common instruments used for wind and solar measurement. After selecting a sensor type and measurement instrument, the web interfaces asks for slope and offset values, as well as the measurement rate and the channel. Meteo-40 automatically recommends standard values, but slope and offset have to be filled with individual sensor data.

You can easily configure your sensors in the Measurement → Sensors menu of the Meteo-40 web interface.

Meteo-40 Sensorkonfig


Did you miss one of our news updates? Have a look on our website. All previous bulletins are listed online:

For further information on Ammonit products and solutions, refer to our website or contact us via Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. .

Kind regards,
Ammonit Measurement GmbH


Nov/Dec Issue of Ammont Bulletin published

Read in this issue how easy you can control your Meteo-40 data logger by using text messages and how Meteo-40 can support you to prevent your measurement data from being manipulated.


OCtober Issue of Ammont Bulletin published

The current issue of our bulletin describes tips for efficient and smooth measurement campaigns - focusing on the winter check-up for met stations in the northern hemisphere.


September issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

The current issue of our bulletin focusses on the first IEC classification test of the SoDAR device AQ510 Wind Finder. The classification test is a major step towards the full IEC classification of the AQ510 Wind Finder.


Successful first IEC classification test for SoDAR AQ510 Wind Finder

SoDAR AQ510 Wind Finder achieved a major milestone towards full IEC compliance by performing the first IEC classification. AQ510 Wind Finder is the only SoDAR on the market with a first well-done sensitivity analysis. The classification results are very promising.


August issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn in this bulletin more about the available Ethernet connections of Meteo-40 and which one is recommended for certain situations.


July issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

In the July issue we focus on our online platform AmmonitOR, which has been update to release 3.4.1. Now you can integrate your ZephIR 300 wind lidar in your AmmonitOR campaign. We offer bimonthly reports and we enhanced the week's review. Read more.


June issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn more about the data security features implemented in Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers and in AmmonitOR. Protecting measurement data can be very easy and cost-efficient.


May Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

In this issue you can read about power curve measurement and how you can monitor your power curve measurement campaign in AmmonitOR.


April Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn in this issue how you can benefit from installed outdoor cameras in your measurement campaign. You can easily verify discrepancies in the measurement values by checking the photos taken from a sensor.


Ecofys WTTS and Ammonit team up for enhanced wind measurements

Ecofys WTTS has upgraded its 120m met mast with advanced temperature gradient sensors, bringing LiDAR & SoDAR validation measurements to the next level...


March Issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn in this issue how you can benefit from installed outdoor cameras in your measurement campaign. You can easily verify discrepancies in the measurement values by checking the photos taken from a sensor.


Ammonit partners with ZephIR Lidar as a ‘Trusted Service Provider’

As ‘Trusted Service Provider’, Ammonit supplies ZephIR Lidar via its global market channels.


Ammonit Presents AQ510 windfinder At EWEA 2014

At the EWEA 2014 Ammonit introduces the latest in SODAR technology AQ510 windfinder


Kick-off for Research project "REAlMe"

Research project „Traceable acquisition of meteorological data“ of University of Bremen to set new standards and achieve more efficiency in the wind industry


Ammonit supplies 100 Loggers to C-WET in India

Ammonit has won the international tender for a nationwide wind measurement campaign organised by C-WET in India.


Ammonit at the Husum WindEnergy exhibition

Ammonit presents its new Meteo-40 data logger version and its significantly improved monitoring platform AmmonitOR at the Husum WindEnergy


Ammonit Newsletter 01/2012

La nouvelle année vient juste de commencer et nous avons déjà de nombreuses nouvelles pour vous, telles que la disponibilité de notre nouveau logger, Meteo-40 data logger, pour les projets de nos clients.

Cliquez ici pour ouvrir notre newsletter

Communication stable avec le logger Meteo-40

Ammonit met au point l'outil NetworkManager amélioré par Lanedo pour assurer des communications stables dans les zones reculées.


Changement de nom : Ammonit Measurement GmbH

Nouveau nom légal pour Ammonit


Meteo-40 au Wind Power Asia 2011 (Pékin)

Ammonit présente son nouveau data logger Meteo-40 sur la marché asiatique (Wind Power Asia 2011 – Booth #D02)


Ammonit au Windpower 2011 (17/05/2011)

Ammonit présente son nouveau data logger Meteo-40 au Windpower 2011 à Anaheim (Booth: #5027a)


Ammonit Newsletter 1/2011

Avant que le EWEA 2011ne débute, nous sommes heureux de publier la nouvelle lettre de Ammonit. Cliquez ici pour ouvrir la lettre. Bonne lecture !

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