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od 1989 w ponad 100 krajach

Ammonit Data Logger Meteo-40

Meteo-40 meets the highest requirements for data security and data quality. Perform your measurement campaign with Meteo-40 to have traceable and transparent measurement data from recording to data processing. Your campaign will be compliant to the German TR6 rev. 9 and the MEASNET guideline with regard to data authenticity and data integrity.

Watch our Video about Data Security with Meteo-40 and AmmonitOR:
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Meteo-40 is the first data logger in the field of wind and solar resources assessment, which includes security features like digital signature and encryption to protect integrity and authenticity of your irreplaceable measurement data!

ammonit meteo40 encryption

Meteo-40 is available in three configurations - for every application the best suitable data logger. Meteo-40 is designed for high performance and accuracy working at a minimum of power. You can reliably supply a complete measurement system with only a 50W solar module - even in remote sites under extreme weather conditions.

We design each measurement system according to your requirements including all meteorological sensors, communication and power supply system. Storage in a CE-certified steel cabinet protects the data logger against weather and condensation damage as well as theft and vandalism.

*TR6 Rev.9: German guideline for the determination of wind potential and energy yield
**MEASNET Site Assessment guideline: Evaluation of site-specific wind conditions

Meteo-40L, Meteo-40M & Meteo-40S
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Producent: Ammonit

Nr zamów.:
Meteo-40S, M11010
Meteo-40M, M21010
Meteo-40L, M31010

moduł M83200 AC converter and 5 V output
moduł M83530 Electronic Fuse
moduł M83570 10-ports, RS485 2-wire and 5 V output
moduł M83572 10-ports, RS485 and Uout output (configurable)

Applications: wind site assessment, wind farm monitoring, climate research, solar assessment and monitoring, agricultural and traffic meteorology

Meet highest security requirements for data authenticity and integrity

  • Digital signature and Encryption, e.g., measurement data and logbook files
  • Up to 2 GB memory, recording 1 sec. original measurement data
  • additional storage of aggregate data (min. 3 years)
  • Many channels:
    Meteo-40L 35 channels, Meteo-40M 22 channels, Meteo-40S 11 channels
  • High resolution (16 bit, 8 Hz), symmetric,
    differential analog channels with various input
    ranges to choose from (± 0.1 V, ± 1 V, ± 10 V)
  • High sensitivity analog input, e.g. temperature sensor Pt100
  • Digital channel for smart sensors,
    e.g. Thies TMR wind vane
  • Data communication and exchange via HTTPS, FTP, SCP connection and email
  • Digital signature and encryption for email attachments, e.g., measurement data and logbook files
  • 1 USB port for PC connection
  • 2 USB ports for modem and adapter:
    GSM, GPRS, CDMA, Webcam, WiFi or memory stick
  • 1 Ethernet port for LAN and router
  • Data output: Ethernet, RS485
  • Compatibility with SCADA systems
  • Integrated Linux system for maximum flexibility and adaptability
  • User-friendly web interface for configuration and controlling (no additional software needed)
  • Low power consumption (50 W solar module)
  • Reliable, flexible and user-friendly






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