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  • Managing measurement campaigns online

  • Project key as the key element to link Meteo-40 data loggers and AmmonitOR

  • Monitoring of system status and data quality in the Week's review of AmmonitOR

  • Filters and alert messages to double-check the system status and to avoid any system failures

Ammonit Bulletin 2019-01 (PDF)
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  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all our business partners!

  • Christmas break from 24 December 2018 until 1 January 2019

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-12 (PDF)
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  • Invitation to the WindEnergy (25 - 28 September 2018 in Hamburg, Germany) exhibition - Largest wind energy event in Europe in 2018

  • Ammonit Stand A1.325 in Hall A1

  • Take your chance and meet the Ammonit team personally

  • Presentation and live demonstration of the new IEC classified cup anemometers Thies First Class Advanced II and Thies First Class Advanced X

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-09 (PDF)
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  • Ammonit exhibits at the WindEnergy (25 - 28 September 2018 in Hamburg, Germany)

  • Ammonit Stand A1.325 in Hall A1

  • Presentation of the new Thies First Class Advanced X anemometer

  • Presentation of the LiDAR ZephIR 300 and the SoDAR AQ510 Windfinder

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-08 (PDF)
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  • Protecting measurement systems against lightning and overvoltage

  • Proper met mast installation and earthing

  • Single entry point principle for the Ammonit steel cabinet

  • Overvoltage protection modules for data, signal and supply connections

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-07 (PDF)
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  • Data retrieval from Meteo-40 data loggers

  • Upload, download and emailing of measurement data

  • Various statistic files available, e.g., gust data, secondary statistics etc.

  • Download of original 1-sec measurement data in form of electrical values or evaluated data

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-06 (PDF)
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  • Exporting and converting measurement data in required data formats and file formats as required by analysis programs

  • Standard file formats free of charge for Meteo-40 projects

  • Special file formats available for Turkish and Brazilian authorities

  • Encryption and Digital signature according to MEASNET requirements

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-05 (PDF)
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  • New intelligent anemometer Thies First Class Advanced X available

  • Excellent IEC classification results

  • Intelligent corrective algorithms for wind speed depending on air pressure

  • Measurement of inclination and vibration for met mast analytics

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-04 (PDF)
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  • Digital Signature and Encryption to safeguard your measurement data

  • MEASNET-compliant security features to save your data from any manipulation

  • OpenPGP standard and public key cryptography for high-grade data security

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-03 (PDF)
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  • Accurate solar resource assessment data with RSI for PV power plants with tracking systems

  • Experienced customer Fotovoltec shows examples

  • Cost-efficiency of the RSI

  • RSI-measured data comparable with data from sun tracking measurement stations

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-02 (PDF)
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  • AmmonitOR for efficient and user-friendly campaign management

  • Basic features for free

  • Campaign documentation and data exports

Ammonit Bulletin 2018-01 (PDF)
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  • Ammonit Xmas Greetings

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-12 (PDF)
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  • Ammonit at the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Amsterdam - Stand 1C48 in Hall 1

  • NEW: Anemometer Thies First Class Advanced II with classification according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0 (2017-03)

  • NEW: Anemometer Thies First Class Advanced X with classification according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0 (2017-03)

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-11 (PDF)
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  • New: Ammonit Verify Service (

  • Online verification of digitally signed data files sent by Meteo-40 data loggers or AmmonitOR

  • No storage of any data, no registration required

  • Service free of charge

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-10 (PDF)
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  • Meteo-40: Data logger with the highest hardware standard in the basic version on the market

  • Ethernet and RS485 interfaces available on each Meteo-40

  • Channels for wind and solar measurement campaigns

  • User-friendly web interface and step-by-step instructions including wizards

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-09 (PDF)
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  • AmmonitOR Premium released

  • New: Integration of Campbell data loggers in AmmonitOR projects

  • New: Reports for solar measurement campaigns

  • Premium Credit Account required to enable premium features

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-08 (PDF)
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  • MEASNET-compliant wind tunnel at Ammonit Wind Tunnel GmbH in Germany

  • Calibration and classification of wind sensors acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 and MEASNET, as well as flow measurement and aerodynamic testing

  • Independent calibration laboratory acc. to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-07 (PDF)
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  • AQ510 Wind Finder: First SoDAR for IEC-compliant wind energy assessments.

  • Full classification of AQ510 according to IEC 61400-12-1:2017

  • Number of verification tests performed by well-known wind consultants

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-06 (PDF)
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  • Meet us at the Intersolar in Munich. We demonstrate our Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer to determine all three components of the sun irradiation with a single instrument.

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-05 (PDF)
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  • Detecting the existence and activities of bats in the surrounding of your planned or operating wind farm

  • Detecting lighning storms, range and distance in the surrounding of your wind farm to protect workers and turbines

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-04 (PDF)
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  • Accurate solar resource assessment with the Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer even at remote sites with expected soiling effects

  • New all-in-one solar monitoring system from EKO to measure GHI, DHI and DNI with a single device

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-03 (PDF)
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  • New Power Supply Box for LiDAR and SoDAR devices

  • Reliable and continous power supply using solar modules and fuel cell technology

  • Remote controlling and monitoring

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-02 (PDF)
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  • Dynamic Plot in AmmonitOR for interactive data monitoring

  • Zooming, selecting and highlighting measurement data

  • AmmonitOR API: Connect your application with AmmonitOR by using our API

Ammonit Bulletin 2017-01 (PDF)
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  • ZephIR 300: The LiDAR for bankable wind speed assessments for the unbeatable price of only 92,000 EUR

  • AQ510: The first and only SoDAR on the market with IEC classification for only 39,000 EUR

  • ZephIR DM: Dual-mode LiDAR for ground-based and turbine-mounted wind measurements

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-11 (PDF)
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  • Out-of-the-box SCADA integration of Meteo-40

  • Communication and data transfer using industry standards

  • Protocols for Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, OPC UA and Serial available

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-10 (PDF)
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  • Enhancing the option of Meteo-40 with external modules

  • Module M83200 for wind sensors with AC input

  • Module M83570 with 10 configurable ports, RS485 and 5V output

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-09 (PDF)
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  • Manuals of Meteo-40 and AmmonitOR

  • Different formats available: PDF, EBook and Online

  • Context-sensitive help

  • Digital Signature and encryption

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-07/08 (PDF)
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  • Integration of ZephIR LiDAR and AQ510 SoDAR devices

  • Week's review for the quick system check

  • Data snapshots show actual measurements

  • All events listed in AmmonitOR's Timeline

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-06 (PDF)
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  • Soiling measurement for PV power plants

  • Optimising the energy yield by analysing soiling effects

  • System components of soiling measurement stations

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-05 (PDF)
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  • BGAN satellite communication

  • Configuring a BGAN satellite modem in the Meteo-40 web interface

  • Tips for cost-efficient satellite communication

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-03/04 (PDF)
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  • Calibration of sensors

  • Details of the calibration certificate

  • Configuration of calibrated sensors

Ammonit Bulletin 2016-01/02 (PDF)
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  • Controlling Meteo-40 by using SMS text messages

  • Getting system information from Meteo-40 via SMS text message

  • Preventing data manipulation by using digital signature and encryption

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-11/12 (PDF)
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  • Online help for Meteo-40 and AmmonitOR

  • Connectivity check for Ammonit Tunnel Server and AmmonitOR Server

  • System monitoring with AmmonitOR

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-10 (PDF)
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  • First sensitivity analyses for IEC classification of AQ510 SoDAR

  • Final Accuracy Class: 2-4 @ 80-100m

  • New modulare packages including free-standing modules for power supply of AQ510 available

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-09 (PDF)
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  • Link-local option for Meteo-40

  • Available Ethernet connections for Meteo-40 for office and field work

  • Configuration of fixed IP addresses for office use or for SIM cards

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-08 (PDF)
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  • AmmonitOR Release 3.4.1

  • Week's review for selectable time periods

  • New bimonthly report for campaign documentation

  • Integration of measurement data gathered by AQ510 SoDAR and ZephIR LiDAR devices

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-07 (PDF)
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  • Data protection provided by Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers and AmmonitOR

  • Preventing measurement data from being manipulated by using digital signatures

  • Encrypting measurement data to provent unauthorized access

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-06 (PDF)
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  • Monitoring of campaigns for power curve measurement

  • Documentation of power curve measurement campaigns in PDF reports

  • Creating a wind turbine library to compare wind turbine data in various plots

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-05 (PDF)
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  • Image gallery in AmmonitOR, e.g., for verifying measurement data with photos

  • Outdoor camera as accessory for sensor observation, e.g., in case of icing

  • Communication with text messages with Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers

  • Communication via BGAN satellites in very remote areas

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-04 (PDF)
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  • Implemented concept of data security in Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers and in AmmonitOR

  • Digital signature for 100% traceability of measurement data

  • Encrypted data only readable for authorised users

  • Public key cryptography acc. OpenPGP standard

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-03 (PDF)
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  • Link-local and WiFi for easy and fast connection to Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers while performing any maintenance service

  • Control of external devices, connected to the Switches of Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers

  • New design of the wind vane First Class from Thies - more robust and more reliable

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-02 (PDF)


  • AQ510 SoDAR system with top verification results in various test by known companies, e.g., BBB Umwelttechnik

  • ZephIR 300 LiDAR device with Stage 3 classification acc. to DNV-GL
    (can be used for wind energy assessements in simple terrain without additional met mast)

Ammonit Bulletin 2015-01 (PDF)




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