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Case Study: Geo-Net Consulting - Ukraine Konkord Group Kazantipskaya Wind Farm

An accredited ready for use wind measurement campaign in the Ukraine.

GEO-Net Umweltconsulting GmbH was appointed by the Ukrainian KONKORD GROUP Ltd. to conduct an accredited and ready for use wind measurement campaign in May 2008. The KONKORD Group is one of the first companies in the Ukraine to explore and develop sites in the Crimea region. Crimea offers enormous wind potential. The Kazantipskaya wind farm project is the first wind energy project based on MW-class wind turbines to be realised in the Ukraine. A wind park with a combined installed capacity of 100 MW m/s is to be erected. The next project of Konkord Group to be realised in the Crimea is 350 MW Syvashskaya wind farm with wind measurement campaign to start in the second half of 2009.

The wind measuring system was mounted onto a lattice tower built in the Ukraine which employed regional construction methods that differ from lattice towers built elsewhere. Thorough structural calculations were required to avoid dangerous mast effects. A team of young mast construction builders and mountaineers was specially trained to perform the challenging tasks of installing and checking the measurement equipment at high levels and in extreme weather conditions. All the measuring equipment was provided by Ammonit including: a data logger METEO-32, four Thies First Class anemometers, a wind vane Compact, a solar panel, a hygro-thermal sensor and an air pressure sensor.

The first fully equipped wind measurement system of the Crimea was put into operation in December 2008. The system has run reliably without any problems since, thanks to Ammonit’s reliable and well-tested technology. The local communities seem to have fully accepted this new use of their lands.



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