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June issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

Learn more about the data security features implemented in Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers and in AmmonitOR. Protecting measurement data can be very easy and cost-efficient.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-06

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How much money and time do you invest in site assesment?
What about data security?

Dear Reader,

Resource assessment campaigns are time and money consuming. What happens if your measurement data is manipulated or even stolen before preparing the feasibility study? Data security is crucial and cannot be ignored today.

The German standard TR6 rev. 9 ("Determination of wind potential and energy yield") underlines the data quality check. According to TR6, it is essential to prove the integrity of measurement data. Measurement data has to be transparent and traceable from recording to data processing.

Furthermore, the MEASNET site assessment guideline focuses on data quality referring to data authenticity and integrity. The successor of the IEC 61400-12-1 will also include data quality standards for measurement campaigns referring to data security preventing any manipulation.

Ammonit offers traceable data security from recording to data processing by using latest security standards: Digital Signature and Encryption acc. to the OpenPGP standard.

Watch our video about the Security Features implemented in our Meteo-40 data loggers and our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR:

... and have a look in our Quick Guide to learn more details: Ammonit Data Security Guide (PDF)

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Our Meteo-40 data loggers and our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR can digitally sign data. A valid digital signature indicates that the data was created by a known sender (authenticity) and was not manipulated on transit (integrity).

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To ensure that only authorized persons can read your data, our Meteo-40 data loggers and our online monitoring platform AmmonitOR can encrypt data in a way that only authorized persons can read it. The generated ciphertext can only be decrypted by the authorized recipient.


Your benefits

  • Secure data transmission using high-grade security

  • Digitally signed data files to ensure authenticity and integrity of the data

  • Encrypted data files to protect your data from being read by unauthorized persons - neither Ammonit nor IT authorities can access your data

  • Globally accepted OpenPGP encryption standard - GnuPG (free software) recommended for verification and decryption

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We look forward to listen to your comments on our developments.

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