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September issue of Ammonit Bulletin published

The current issue of our bulletin focusses on the first IEC classification test of the SoDAR device AQ510 Wind Finder. The classification test is a major step towards the full IEC classification of the AQ510 Wind Finder.


Ammonit Bulletin 2015-09

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Dear Reader,

Our partner, the leading SoDAR manufacturer AQ System has successfully performed the first classification according to CD IEC 61400-12-1 (Ed.2, Annex L) for its AQ510 Wind Finder. So far AQ510 Wind Finder is the only SoDAR device for wind measurement applications with a first well-done sensitivity analysis.

AQ510 Wind Finder achieved a major milestone towards
full IEC compliance by performing the first IEC classification.

DNV GL performed the sensitivity testing against a 103m IEC-compliant met mast achieving the following classification results: Final IEC Accuracy Class: 2 - 4 @ 80m and 100m

According to DNV GL, the classification results are within the same range as other classification tested remote sensing devices, e.g., LiDAR.

Prior to the IEC classification, leading wind consultants including BBB Umwelttechnik, DNV GL and Ecofys performed a number of validation tests on the AQ 510 Wind Finder - also with excellent results. There is no better SoDAR on the market! AQ510 Wind Finder is a cost-efficient and reliable option on the remote sensing market. Read more about AQ510 on our website:

Do you plan using remote sensing devices in your wind measurement campaign? Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 for the test results of AQ510 Wind Finder.


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AQ System guarantees top quality of each SoDAR device. Since the product launch of AQ510 Wind Finder, it has been validated by leading wind consultants, e.g., DNV GL, Ecofys and BBB Umwelttechnik. Exceptionally tight production tolerances guarantee excellent unit-to-unit conformity.

Each AQ510 Wind Finder is verified against a 103m IEC-compliant met mast at the AQ System test site prior to delivery. Each AQ510 Wind Finder comes with a detailed performance report.


The IEC 61400-12-1 is currently under revision with the aim to include guidance for using remote sensing devices in power performance assessments. Annex L of the CD IEC 61400-12-1 (2nd Ed.) describes in detail that an IEC classification has to be performed before remote sensing devices can be used in wind site assessments. The classification includes testing of the sensitivity of the accuracy of the device to variations in environmental variables.

  • AQ System thoroughly verifies each AQ510 Wind Finder against a 103m IEC compliant met mast. Each AQ510 Wind Finder comes with a detailed verification report.

  • For the classification, a detailed sensitivity analysis according to CD IEC 61400-12-1 (Ed. 2, Annex L) has been performed by GNV GL. The classification includes testing the remote sensing device for meteorological parameters affecting the wind measurement, e.g., turbulence intensity, wind shear etc.


AQ510-wind-finder-power-packages web

The AQ510 stand-alone version is now available in new packages including external free-standing modules for:

  • Solar power package

  • Methanol fuel cell system

  • Diesel powered heating system

The modular packages can be supplied with a trailerised platform system. You can easily detach the platform from the trailer for quick installation leaving only the AQ510 Wind Finder and the power/ heating system on site. Thus you can use one trailer for multiple AQ510 Wind Finders.


aq510-wind-finder-stand-alone web

AQ510 Wind Finder stand-alone (Instrument only)

Standard: 12 V DC
Option: 110 ... 240 V AC

Order No.: S91110

aq510-wind-finder-warm-winter-kit web

AQ510 Wind Finder with Warm Winter kit

Solar modules: 2x 160W
Batteries: 2x 12V / 74Ah
Option: Diesel heater

>Order No.: S91410

aq510-wind-finder-mild-winter-kit web

AQ510 Wind Finder with Mild Winter kit

Solar modules: 2x 160W
Batteries: 2x 12V / 74 Ah
Fuel cell: Efoy Pro 2004 Duo
Option: Diesel heater

Order No.: S91420

aq510-wind-finder-cold-winter-kit web

AQ510 Wind Finder with Cold Winter kit

Solar modules: 2x 200W
Batteries: 3x 12V / 220Ah
Diesel generator: 220 V AC / 3.3kw

Order No.: S91430


For further information on the AQ510 Wind Finder and the available power packages, refer to our website For any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
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