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Ammonit News 2019-01

Efficient campaign management with AmmonitOR and how you can benefit from the quick and convenient integration of Meteo-40 data loggers.


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Dear Reader,

How long do you need to check the status of all your measurement campaigns? More than 5 minutes? We know a way to speed up the daily system check. It's called AmmonitOR. It's online. It's for resource assessment, power plant monitoring and power curve measurement. And you can work with AmmonitOR wherever and whenever you wish - with your preferred device.

AmmonitOR is our web platform for system and data management. You can easily configure your Ammonit data loggers to upload system and/or measurement data. Hence, you can check the system status and monitor measurement data within a few minutes.

Read in our news how easily you can link your Ammonit data loggers with AmmonitOR.

Next week the WindEurope annual event will take place in Bilbao, Spain. We will be available for meetings at the WindEurope conference. Please contact us to arrange individual meetings via Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 .



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It's called Project key and it is unique for each project in AmmonitOR. The Project key links the project in AmmonitOR with its devices, e.g., Ammonit Meteo-40 data loggers.

If you work with Meteo-40 data loggers, you only have to copy the Project key from your AmmonitOR project in the Meteo-40 web interface. The relation between data logger and web platform will be established with the first configured file upload from Meteo-40.

Do you know a configuration process that is easier than copying 4 letters from A to B? Test AmmonitOR yourself and benefit from convenient campaign monitoring.


Your Meteo-40 measurement system is installed in the middle of nowhere with remote access and standalone power supply. Regularly you receive data files from Meteo-40. Then all of a sudden the system is inactive - no file, no communication. What has happened?

You might understand that analysing a system without any data is pretty difficult. In AmmonitOR you can see the latest status of the measurement system, e.g., connectivity and battery status.

The configuration is very easy - only four steps:

  • Step one: Register at AmmonitOR.
  • Step two: Create a project.
  • Step three: Go to the Meteo-40 web interface and open the AmmonitOR menu.
  • Step four: Enter the Project key from the AmmonitOR project, which you just created. Done!

Efficient campaign control with Meteo-40 and AmmonitOR.

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Heavy rain outside, no sun for days - the weather can be terrible. However, due to climate change we have the feeling that we experience more and more extreme weather situations. So how does your measurement system get along with those extremes? Is the battery charge okay after a few days without sunshine? At which time the data logger will be online available the next time? AmmonitOR knows.

By checking the Week's review of your projects in AmmonitOR, you see battery status and connection performance at a glance. Within a few seconds you know, whether your system is working properly or not.

With just a few system details you can evaluate the performance of your remote measurement system.


By implementing filters you can double-check system functionality. If a filter triggers, AmmonitOR can send warnings. AmmonitOR supports you with configurable filters to monitor measurement data and system performance. AmmonitOR offers different filter types:

  • Range filters to detect measurement data out of the expected range (e.g. battery voltage)
  • Sequence filters to monitor data for a certain period (e.g. detecting frozen anemometers)
  • Comparison filters to check two different sensors at the same time
  • Direction comparison filters to correlate wind direction data of two wind vanes

Prevent system failures at an early stage by using filters and warnings in AmmonitOR.

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Meet Ammonit and our partners in person at the following events

02 - 04 April 2019 in Bilbao, Spain
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Intersolar Europe
15 - 17 May 2019 in Munich, Germany
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