Solar Ressource Assessment

In order to design profitable solar power plants, It is essential to measure the local irradiation. Depending on the type of your planned solar power plant

  • PV (Photovoltaic) or
  • CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)

different measurements are necessary:


    Measurement instrument   Application
GHI   Global Horizontal Irradiation   Pyranometer, reference cell   PV and CSP
GTI   Global Tilted Irradiation   Pyranometer (tilted), reference cell (tilted)   PV
DHI   Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation   Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer, Pyranometer with shadow ring or ball   PV
DNI   Direct Normal Irradiation   Pyrheliometer installed on Sun Tracker, Rotating Shadowband Irradiometer   CSP and large PV power plants

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Components of our solar measurement systems