I cannot connect to the web interface. What can I do?

In order to log in the Meteo-40 web interface, the data logger has to be connected to the power supply and the CECS (Configuration, Evaluation, and Communication System) subsystem of the data logger has to be switched on (manually or according to the configured schedule). The online periods can conveniently configured in menu Communication-Schedule of the Meteo-40 web interface. To switch on CECS manually, press the middle button on the data logger.

If you use AmmonitOR, you can monitor the online periods (Connection Log) of the data logger (the data logger has to be configured in a project).

How can I configure slope and offset parameters for the sensors?

You can conveniently configure all connected sensors via the Meteo-40 web interface. Slope and offset parameters can be added in the Sensorhelper. It is displayed when sensor settings are modified or added in the menu Measurement-Sensors of the Meteo-40 web interface.

Why does the tunnel connection not work?

If your data logger is not accessible via tunnel, there can be different causes:

You can only access the data logger via tunnel, when the CECS (Configuration, Evaluation, and Communication System) subsystem is switched on according to the scheduled online periods. If you have an AmmonitOR account, you can monitor the connections (Connection Log) of your data logger (AmmonitOR project with your data logger is required).

The data logger currently performs other actions, e.g., installing an upgrade or uploading data files. In this case wait a few minutes and try again to log in.

Another user is currently logged in and downloads files. Wait a few minutes and try again to log in.

The subdomain of the data logger has been changed, i.e. another user has changed or added the Tunnel affix in the Communication-Online menu of the data logger. Ask for the new URL. If not possible, contact Ammonit.

Tip: The URL of your data logger is displayed in AmmonitOR. You only require a project with your data logger in AmmonitOR.

I receive measurement data sent by the data logger, but I cannot access the web interface via tunnel?

The tunnel connection seems to be not stable enough. This can have several reasons:

The GPRS connection might be very weak. Switch to GSM. Ask your provider for the dial-in number (P-to-P). The dial-in number has to be configured in the Meteo-40 web interface. An APN does not have to be entered.

The signal might be very weak. Replace the installed antenna with a Yagi directional antenna. The Yagi antenna can be aligned to a near transmitting station to receive a better signal.

Instead of using a standard SIM card with dynamic IP address, insert a SIM card with public IP address into the modem. The data logger can be accessed via its public IP address and/or via the domain provided by the tunnel server, if configured.

If your data logger is registered in AmmonitOR, you can be find its public IP address on AmmonitOR. If your data logger is not registered in AmmonitOR, you have to use a SIM card with static IP adress.

How can I perform a firmware upgrade?

Before you perform an upgrade, make sure your data logger is connected to the Internet, e.g. via modem or LAN. Log in as Admin and go to the System-Upgrade menu of the web interface to start the upgrade process.

Make sure that the power supply to the data logger is not interrupted during the upgrade process.

Is it possible to download data files on a USB memory stick?

Yes, you can save generated CSV files to a USB memory stick which has to be configured before. Refer to the Meteo-40 manual to configure the USB memory stick properly.