Ammonit Online Services

Different applications for different purposes.


AmmonitOR Data Cloud

AmmonitConnect Remote Access

AmmonitLive Data Suite

What is it?

Data Cloud with csv files of measurement data for the monitoring of the measurement campaign

Remote Access to data logger via SSH for data logger configuration

XMPP messages issued by the Meteo-42 data logger

PubSub Server distributing those XMPP messages:

Application programs exploiting the XMPP messages

Type of file

Size of the csv files:

from 10 minutes up to daily file

You can download/export (Email/FTP etc..) the CSV file through AmmonitConnect,

although it is more comfortable to use AmmonitOR for the data export.


the XMPP messages contain

either the 1 second measurement data

Or a consolidation of a measurement interval with a length ranging from 1 second  to  60 minutes



Monitoring of a measurement campaign

filters, alarms, plotting, evaluation, archiving, exporting, reporting of:

-measurement data

-power supply


Access rights management with all possible right access levels in order that installer, consultant, project developer and manufacturer can potentially simultaneously access the project measurement data.

Secure, two-way remote Internet Access to the data logger for its configuration


Remote Access tool for configuration

The data logger does not need to have a SIM card with a routable IP address since the data logger is automatically routed to the Ammonit Connect server.

Provide realtime or near realtime measurement data

for application like:

Wind park monitoring

Dynamic Line Monitoring

Forecasting systems