Parameter for solar energy production

These parameter influence the solar energy production


The higher the insolation of the sun at the location of the planned solar power plant, the higher can be the energy yield. Depending on the type of the solar power plant, different radiation parameters should be measured, e.g., DNI is important for a planned CSP power plant.

Wind speed and wind direction

In order to design and build robust module carriers, the local wind conditions should be measured. Additionally the cooling effect of the wind on the modules can be estimated.

Air temperature

The air temperature has a significant influence on the efficiency of solar modules. The performance of solar modules is temperature-dependent. Higher cell temperatures lead to lower performance and hence to a lower coefficient of efficiency. The coefficient of efficiency indicates how much of the sun light can be converted into usable electrical energy.

Precipitation and soiling (sand storms)

Data about amount and frequency of precipitation as well as soiling can help to explain low energy yields at high sun radiation.