AmmonitOR: History and Present

18. January 2020 | AmmonitOR
AmmonitOR: History and Present
AmmonitOR has moved to a new server home

AmmonitOR has come to life more than 10 years ago. Ask an IT expert – that’s an impressive durability for a software service!
Doesn’t mean that AmmonitOR is old and tired, it’s indeed a sign for reliability, advancement and a lot of experience.

AmmonitOR is currently running on version 5.0.9 which demonstrates we included a lot of features, fixed numerous bugs and improved several tools.

On 5th March, 2020 AmmonitOR has moved into a bigger, nicer and faster (server) home.
Within 4 days AmmonitOR has successfully arrived in the new home - all the boxes are emptied and AmmonitOR has made itself comfortable.

Ammonit’s staff is very envious how quickly a move can be done! None of us has ever succeeded in such a short time.