AmmonitOR: API integration in windPRO

21. March 2023 | AmmonitOR
AmmonitOR: API integration in windPRO
AmmonitOR API can be used directly from windPRO

Did you know that the AmmonitOR API can be used directly from windPRO?

AmmonitOR cloud is a campaign monitoring tool primarily designed to monitor the proper functioning of the measurement system. In many cases, the AmmonitOR cloud then delivers the measurement data to additional software such as Windpro or the customer's evaluation software for analysis of the measurement data.

Ammonit and EMD have worked together to make it easy to access measurement data through the AmmonitOR cloud API and quickly use it in windPRO.

  • With the AmmonitOR cloud web interface you can monitor and screen your measurements in real time. 
  • With windPRO you can easily download, clean and repair the data to be used in wind and solar energy calculations. 

Using the AmmonitOR cloud API in windPRO is simple:

In windPRO, start by inserting a Meteo object and selecting the third party API option and choose Ammonit
Then enter your AmmonitOR credentials and enter a name in the AppId
Open a browser to log into AmmonitOR and visit the Project settings
Under the section API: 3rd party applications hit the Edit button
and allow access for the application name you chose in windPRO.

You can now log into your AmmonitOR project directly inside windPRO and select which data to download. 

You can filter by data logger and by start and end date.

Hitting Ok starts the data download and you can now clean and repair the data in windPRO to be used for long-term correction, generating resource maps, calculating AEPs, assessing site suitability etc.