IEA Wind Lidar Task 52

31. January 2024 | Interview, MeteoLaser, LiDAR
IEA Wind Lidar Task 52

The IEA Wind TCP [Wind Technology Collaboration Programme = TCP] is an international co-operation of 24 countries and sponsor members that share information and research activities to advance wind energy deployment. These are the five IEA Wind TCP Research Themes:

  1. Advanced Technology
  2. Communication, Education and Engagement
  3. Energy Systems with High Amounts of Wind
  4. Resource, Site Characterisation and External Conditions
  5. Social, Environmental and Economic Impact.

As part of the Research Theme “4. Resource, Site Characterisation and External Conditions”, a group is working on task 52 “Large-Scale Deployment of Wind Lidar”.

We have spoken to Dr. Julia Gottschall, Operating Agent of IEA Wind Lidar Task 52 and Chief Scientist at Fraunhofer IWES.

Ammonit: Dr. Gottschall, could you please briefly describe the work and goals of the IEA Wind Lidar Task 52?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: The IEA Wind Lidar Task 52 members work together on research to make wind lidar the preferred wind measurement tool for wind energy applications. The use of wind lidar should be easy to enable large-scale deployment.

IEA Wind Task 52 also works in strong collaboration with other IEA Wind TCP Task members to share their knowledge with other applications within the industry.

Ammonit: When was the IEA Wind Lidar Task 52 established?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: The IEA Wind Lidar Task 52 was kicked off in May 2022. It is a relaunch of Task 32, which supported successful international collaboration on different wind lidar related topics and applications.

Ammonit: What are you currently working on in the IEA Wind Lidar Task 52?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: To follow up on our mission, we have specified four central themes for the upcoming 4-year period:

  • Theme #1 “Universal inflow characterisation”
  • Theme #2 “Replacing met masts”
  • Theme #3 “Connecting wind lidar”
  • Theme #4 “Accelerating offshore wind deployment”.

Ammonit: Who is participating in IEA Wind Lidar Task 52 and who can participate?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: The list of the Task 52 Particants includes to date Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

To participate in Task 52 research activities, you must be a resident of a country that participates in the IEA Wind TCP Implementing Agreement and that has agreed to participate in Task 52 through an official letter.

Ammonit: How can someone benefit from your work even if they are not a member of the group?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: In February 2023 we organized a public Lunch Seminar Series with presentation slots. The four Task 52 themes were also presented at WESC 2023 in Glasgow in May 2023. Anyone interested is welcome to view all documents here in the zenodo community:

By the way, there is also a presentation by Ammonit’s managing director Vincent Camier about the MeteoLaser LiDAR, which he gave in July 2023:

Ammonit: How can we stay connected to IEA Wind Lidar Task 52?

Dr. Julia Gottschall: The easiest way is to follow us at LinkedIn. You can also sign up for our newsletter. To be added please just send an email to

Ammonit: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. We wish you and the IEA Wind Task 52 much success!