Meteo-40 plus: Welcome to the next level

10. November 2020 | next level, Meteo-40 plus, release
Meteo-40 plus: Welcome to the next level
We have started selling our data loggers with the new firmware 2.0.

After several years development, our data loggers are now produced with next-level software called Meteo-40 plus.

We are glad to support LTE and to have newest Linux version on board. Meteo-40 plus is supplied with LTE (4G), TLS and new user management - to name just a few of the new features.

Meanwhile, we have delivered more than 200 Meteo-40 plus data loggers. We are more than happy with the overwhelming response from our customer.

When do you want to start working with a Meteo-40 plus? We are glad to answer your questions or provide you an offer.