New features on AmmonitOR

07. July 2023 | release
New features on AmmonitOR
A bunch of new features on AmmonitOR

Our AmmonitOR developers have been very busy and have implemented many customer requests. And here are the new features we would like to introduce to you.

Customer’s reports

  • Customers can edit existing and newly created reports.
  • Content can be moved in position, added or deleted
  • Names of the reports can be changed.
  • Space available within the reports has been improved, tables have been optimized, etc.

Data files

  • Download and Delete button now appear at the top of the file list.
  • However, we would like to point out that the DataExports are much better suited for downloading.

Document upload

  • Documents (such as contracts, calibration protocols, other information about the project) can now be uploaded to the projects regardless of the format.
  • 100 MB total storage space is available per project.
  • A data file should not exceed 10 MB.
  • The feature can be found in the menu under Archiving > Documents (just below the Photo menu item).

AmmonitOR emails

  • Emails sent from AmmonitOR now have a new look.

Data export

  • All original data file formats can now be exported with the DataExport, such as primary, secondary and tertiary statistics.
  • Photos, Gust data files, full configuration files as well as logbook information can now be exported.
  • All of the above formats can now be downloaded with the API.

Want to test the new features? Just log in to your AmmonitOR account