Power solutions for LiDAR devices

11. June 2024 | MeteoLaser, LiDAR
Power solutions for LiDAR devices

Ammonit offers four unique solutions for powering your LiDAR equipment. Choose between a power supply 

  • with a trailer or 
  • without a trailer (housed in a flight case), 

and select from two energy source options:

  • with fuel cell and solar (for countries with a dark winter like non Mediterranean Europe) or 
  • solar only (suitable for tropical climates or countries with sunny winters). 

By combining these enclosure types and energy sources, customers can select from four different power supply setups.

  1. Trailer fuel cell + solar 
  2. Trailer solar only 
  3. Without trailer (flight case) fuel cell + solar 
  4. Without trailer (flight case) solar only

Can we send you an offer for a power solution tailored to your needs? Please contact us: sales@ammonit.com