Turbulence Intensity on AmmonitOR

07. June 2024 | AmmonitOR
Turbulence Intensity on AmmonitOR

A little anniversary: Turbulence Intensity (TI) has been supported by AmmonitOR for 13 years. These specific plots are the content of every wind report and can also be viewed and downloaded in table form when the data logger sends the “Turbulence Intensity” evaluation.

Without Turbulence Intensity, wind site evaluations and reports are worthless. Turbulence Intensity is required to determine the Turbulence Factor for wind turbines. 

The TI can vary depending on the location and wind direction, so wind turbines must be designed to not collapse under the wind load and gusts.

In AmmonitOR, you can even display the IEC turbulence classes and compare them with the measured data. See: AmmonitOR Plot Turbulence Intensity

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