XMPP Messages for high frequency measurement data export

22. August 2022 | Meteo-40 data loggers
XMPP Messages for high frequency measurement data export
Ammonit has developed the Ammonit Live Data Suite

So far, Meteo-40 data loggers have mostly exported the daily CSV files. Sometimes the files are of shorter duration like 1 hour or less. But the data logger is not well suited for exporting CSV files smaller than 30 to 60 minutes.

There is a desire among our users for a transmission with a much higher frequency of measurement data, sometimes even for real-time data. For the high-frequency measurement data export, Ammonit has developed the Ammonit Live Data Suite, which has been available on the Meteo-40 Plus since July 1st, 2022.

Ammonit's Live Data Suite consists of:

1.    XMPP messages
Export of measurement data from the Meteo-40 with XMPP messages.

This measurement data can be:

  • 1 second measuring points or
  • the statistics (average, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation) over a short period (between 2 seconds and 10 minutes) of 1-second data sampling points

The data logger is configured to send XMPP messages in the Meteo-40 Plus/Data/Live menu:

2.    PuBSub server
These XMPP messages are sent from the Meteo-40 Plus data logger to a PuBSuB server (Publisher Subscriber). The PuBSub server further distributes these XMPP messages to the clients configured by the user.

The distribution configuration of the PubSuB server (which participant receives the messages) is made on the data logger in the Meteo-40 Plus/Data/Live menu:


3.    Client application
The client receives the XMPP messages and uses them in an application. Ammonit has already developed two applications for customers:

a.    Aligator: Consolidation of XMPP messages into a CSV file
This Aligator application is placed on the AmmonitOR server at AmmonitOR/Monitoring/Live Data Aggregator:

If you need CSV files for your application, you can use Aligator to get consolidated CSV files at the end of the XMPP-PuBSuB-Aligator process chain.

Alternatively, note that the data logger can export both the measurement data and CSV files at the same time. This way you can use CSV files (e.g. with a 1 hour frequency) and the AmmonitOR Data Cloud as a backup for the XMPP messages.

b.    Ammonit Dashboard: Graphical display of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure.
The dashboard is placed here: https://live.ammonit.com/

But the customer can develop its own application or ask Ammonit to develop it.

Market and Application

Ammonit Live Data Suite with XMPP messages and PuBSuB server is a milestone for all applications that require high-frequency measurement data/real-time data and a high level of IT security, such as wind and solar park monitoring, energy forecast, dynamic line monitoring and others.

Compared to a SCADA solution, an XMPP and PuBSuB solution is a much more modern and IT-secure solution. Since XMPP and PuBSuB are very IT-secure and robust, they can be used over the Internet, while SCADA can only be used on an intranet.

Please note that we at Ammonit have a certification authority that allows us to issue a secure IT certificate for the data logger.

Do you need live data in your project? Please just contact us: sales@ammonit.com.