Solar and Fuel Cell Power Supply System

Solar and Fuel Cell Power Supply System

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  • Stand-alone power supply system
  • Hybrid solution combining fuel cell and solar modules with strong batteries
  • Space for LiDAR device inside the trailer

The stand-alone power supply system is especially made to supply and host a LiDAR device. The power supply system is recommended for all climates, except artic conditions with only little hours of sunshine.

The system combines a powerful Methanol-based EFOY Pro fuel cell and three solar modules. The system is equipped with two 28 liters fuel cell cartridges.

In order to monitor and control the EFOY Pro fuel cell, a GSM-2-GPIO modem is installed. Hence, the modem sends current system data to the web viewer. The frequency can be configured via the web viewer. Alarms, such as low fuel or low battery voltage, can be configured. Thus the system automatically informs via email or SMS, in case of triggering alarms. At default settings, the typical monthly data traffic (GPRS) is approx. 2 MB.

The trailer is designed to host a LiDAR device. It has a removable hatch on its top for the laser beam.

In very remote sites the trailer can be moved by a helicopter using straps or lifting brackets (optional).

Characteristic Description
Total output power 200 W
Output voltage 12 VDC
Battery bank 440 Ah / 24 V  
Weight: 260 kg
Battery bank can easily be removed for transport by helicopter.
Solar supply 3 modules @ 260 W / 24 V (Total: 780 W)
Solar controller
DC/DC converter 24 V to 12 V
Remote control udomi-m2m-portal for system and fuel cell monitoring / control
via GSM-2-GPIO modem (quad-band) including antenna


Fuel cell


EFOY Pro 2400 Duo with GPIO modem

Power output max. / min.

110 W / 80 W
Nominal voltage 24 V
Charging current at 24 V max. 4.58 A
min.  3.3 A
Nominal Methanol consumption 0.9 liters/kWh
Classification of Methanol Index: 603-00100-X;  EINECS, ELINCS, NLP: 200-659-6; CAS 67-56-1
Fuel cell cartridge 2x 28 liters Methanol, M28 cartridge (2x M28 adapter)
Fuel cell cartridge capacity 62.2 kWh @ 56 liters Methanol



Operating temperature -40 ... 60 °C
Total dimensions 3.78 m x 1.81 m x 2.11 m (length x width x height)
Total weight approx. 850 kg