Ventilator MV-01 for EKO MS-80/60/40 Pyranometer

Ventilator MV-01 for EKO MS-80/60/40 Pyranometer

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  • The MV-01 ventilator and heater in combination with the MS-80/60/40 pyranometers will keep the pyranometer sensor free of dew, ice and snow.
  • The ventilator ensures data availability of the MS-80/60/40 under all environmental conditions.
  • In combination with the MV-01 ventilator, your sensor will be compliant to the requirements of the new IEC 61724-1 standard (Class A).

With the standard tacho output the speed of the fan can be monitored. The MV-01 features a low power fan and effective heater, which can be separately switched on/off during the variable operating conditions. Due to the vertical design of the pyranometer sunscreen, the air outlet will remain free from snow and ice. The ventilator unit is protected against overheating through a temperature safety switch.

MV-01 is compatible with the MS-80 Secondary standard, MS-60 First class and MS-40 Second class pyranometers.