Overvoltage Protection Module for Solar Supply

Overvoltage Protection Module for Solar Supply

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  • High performance surge protective device for low voltage supply voltages of nominal 24 V DC
  • With built in low - pass Filter
  • Unprotected and protected side strictly separated
  • Longitudinal and transverse surge voltage protection
  • High nominal impulse discharge current of 10x 20 kA (8/20 μs)
  • Operating current up to 6 A DC or AC
  • Direct mounting on mounting plate, or click on 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)
  • Maintenance free execution
Characteristic Description / Value
Rated voltage UC = 24 V DC / 17 AC
Max. operating voltage Umax = 27 V DC / 20 V AC
Max. operating current Imax = 6A
Protection level line-ground at 1kV/µs and Isn URes ≤ 800 V
Protection level line-line typ. at 1kV/µs and Isn URes = 37/55
Nominal impulse discharge current (10x at 8/20 µs) Isn = 20 kA
Operating temperature range -25 ... +85 °C
Manufacturer Leutron